Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Magic Moves Electronic Wand

I've always liked getting my children up and moving around so getting the chance to review the Magic moves wand was another chance for me to make it fun for my kids,
The Magic moves wand has 90 fun, creative movements and 26 different musical tunes to help get your children moving around and to make it even more fun there is a light at the top and bottom of the wand that lights up in different colours,

Me and my 3 year old son (nearly 4) have had lots of fun times playing with this not only has it had him moving around he has also made me join in too, even my 21 month old has tried to join in with the movements.

Its definately a great toy for both child and parent to join in the play time together.

The lovely people over on learning resourses facebook page have a competition up at the moment to try and win one of five magic moves wands, The competition closes 1st march and you can find it here.

If you have no luck with the competition you can always buy one from here