Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Winner of the changing bag from miracle box

After sorting though all the entries took longer than expected because some people posted more than one comment when they weren't ment to But I now have the winner.

And the winner is Michaela Britton, please email you details to me at

Congratulations and thank you all for entering

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tommee Tippee sangenic wrap and go

I was asked to review the Tommee Tippee wrap and go and was very excited about this one as im fed up of the packs of nappy bags you buy, when you pull one out you get more than one and then I end up with them all loose in my changing bag.
With the wrap and go you get a nice little holder that you can either pop it in your changing bag or hang it on your pushchair, When you first buy the wrap and go you get two rolls of bags each roll containing 15 bags.
You can by the sangenic wrap and go from Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Boots, Argos, Mothercare, Babies r us and, you can also buy the refils from the same shops and prices start from £4.99.
The sangenic wrap and go has very fresh lemon fragrance and kills 99% of germs on contact.
When I first opened the wrap and go my first thought was how nice and strong smelling the bags were, They really stop your bin smelling and should you be carrying a dirty nappy around with you, you really wouldn't notice, I have kept the wrap and go in my changing bag and every time i open my bag im hit with a really nice smell, The bags are much bigger than ones I have brought in the past.

And they even fit my washable nappies in them so no more carrying dirty smelly washables around with me. You can find out about other products that Tommee Tippee make from here
Also for all there latest information you can visit there facebook page here

Born Free Teether

As most of you know my daughter is teething and I have been looking the perfect teether for her, So having the chance to review the Born Free teether I couldn't wait for it to come.
This teether is suitable from 4 months, BPA, Phthalates and PVC free and is made from a medical grade silicone, Theres lots of different textures for the baby to feel and chew on, its very flexible and easy for the smallest of hands to hold, it even has a reservoir that you can put teething gel in, you can also chill it or freeze it for more soothing effects.

This teether is one of the few my daughter can hold herself as shes a very tiny 4 months and so far shes enjoyed chewing on it and hasn't let it go since we got it, I have even had to pry it out of her hands at nap time.
If you would like to buy this teether or any other Born free products you can find out how you do here
Also please go on over to there facebook page where they sometimes have competitions to win some of there products and you can get there from here

Friday, 26 August 2011

Competition to win a mothercare smart nappy starter set size newborn

So The prize is this Mothercare smart nappy starter set its newborn size and has 8 inserts and 4 outers.

All you need to do to win is simply follow my blog and facebook page here
And then leave a comment telling me you are following both and why you would like to win this.

Competion closes 20th september at 9pm and the winner will be announced shortly after.

Good luck

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Teething Bling Bangle

A few months back I did a review for a Teething Bling Pendent, This time I have been given the chance to review a bangle from them. It came nicely packaged in a cotton bag.
This time it was to try out on my daughter who has just started teething so being given the chance to review the bangle was great. The bangle is made from the same material as most teething toys you can buy from shops.

The great thing about Teething Bling is that its not just for babies to chew its also for mums to wear so when ever you need something to keep your baby quiet its always there.
The Bangle is easy for my 4 month old to hold and chew on, When ever shes grumpy I have taken it off and given it to her and she goes all quiet. She has spent many hours since I received the bangle chewing it and I felt safe just leaving her with it as I knew there was no cords to get tangled up in.

The Teething Bling Bangle is very easy to clean as you can just pop it into a dishwasher.
You can buy the Bangle in many different colours and you can even get them to match the pendents .
If you would like to buy any Teething Bling product you can do so here
Also please visit there facebook page here

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bumkins Superbib from Bebemoda

The lovely people from Bebemoda Sent me this lovely Bumkins superbib to review.
I had a pink one sent to me to review as when I got to choose the colour I wasn't thinking my daughter wouldn't be able to use it, So as you will see it has been tested out on my son.
The bib is made from 100% polyester and is suitable from 6 months to 2 years, This bib does up with velcro at the back even though it was velcro, My son was unable to remove it himself and needed help getting it off.

There is a pocket on the front of this bib to catch any food thats dropped and then you simply just tip any food in the pocket into the bin.
The super bib resists most stains, is durable yet comfortable fabric, has the catch all pocket and is machine washable, If you would like to buy this bib or any of the others they sell you can do so here
You can also visit Bebemoda's facebook page here

My kids eye problems

As some of you are aware my 5 year old girl and my 2 year old son both have eye problems, So I thought I would write up about what the problem with there eyes is, Most of you probably wont have herd of it I know we hadn't until my daughter got diagnosed with it.
There main condition is subluxated lenses, This means that the lenses in there eyes are loose and wobble around at every movement of there eyes.
Due to them having this we have been told they cant do any contact sports or anything that could risk them hitting there heads, Not a problem at all for our 5 year old but our 2 year old just doesn't understand, To top of there eye condition they are both very short sited and the hospital found it very hard to get a proper reading, But they still got one, My daughters perscription is -12 in her right eye and -11 in her let eye not the full perscription as she was really -18 in her right eye.
My sons turned out to be even worse his perscription is -18 in his right eye and -16 in his left eye he also has miss shaped pupils which we have been told will make his site worse, One of his pupils is shaped like a heart and I always thought he looked cute with it.
So both my 5 year old and 2 year old now wear glasses and need constant hospital appointments.

When my son got diagnosed with his problems the hospital said we should get our 4 month old checked out, So we had to get her refered but the doctors and had a long wait for her appointment to come round, But shes had her appointment and two hours later she got the all clear, We have been told they want to monitor her incase any problems arise later on but for now I feel happy knowing she can see me.

The strange thing is you would never have known my kids had any problems with there eyes as they could always spot people they know from a distance, never bumped into things and could watch the tv fine.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

No more disposable nappies at night part 2

So two nights without a disposable nappy, Night one didn't go to plan as my kids decided to have a lie in and my son slept a total of 14 hours so when he got up he did sadly leak, But night two was much better as I decided to make sure my kids were up at the normal time they would be and My son was still dry, Result.

My son had slept a little over 12 hours and was still dry so, I'm very impressed and will be buying more Bamboo liners.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Strider Rider Uk Discount code for all my fans

For those of you that don't know what a Strider rider is, I will tell you here.

The Strider rider is a balance bike that can be used from as early as 18 months to 5 years, The idea of them is to teach your child the art of balancing before they take the leap to a bike with peddles, Me and My husband have often talked about getting one for my son, As my 5 year old girl has a bike with peddles but cant manage to balance herself we thought maybe we should try one of these for my son. I'm thinking Christmas present for him.

Any way the bit your all waiting for is the discount code I have been given for all my lovely fans you will get £5.00 off your order all you need is this code busymum You can use this code when you order by the phone or over the internet and is valid till the 31st December, The discount is only valid for orders over £50

Perfect timing to get one for a Christmas present for someone you know or your little one.
You can order your very own Strider Rider from here and theirs also a phone number on there to order by the phone if you like.

So what are you waiting for go get ordering.

No more disposable nappies at night

I have finally taken the leap to finally get rid of disposable nappies at night time, I'm a little worried how my son is going to cope in the real nappies as he's a heavy wetter, But after advice from a lot of people, I have got rid of the disposables once and for all.
I'm still using the real nappies that I have used since my son was 6 months old my good old faithful Baba+Boo Only instead of using just the micro fibre inserts that come with the nappy I have popped a bamboo insert in to.

Now only time will tell so i'm keeping my fingers crossed theres no leaks through the night.
I will keep you all updated on the progress.
My daughter is also using real nappies at night but at the moment i'm not worried about leaks from her as she normaly wakes once a night anyway for a feed so she can be change then.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Been a busy weekend

Now the weekends nearly over I can finally sit down and relax.
I've been extra busy this weekend as my two oldest share a room we was going to have our youngest in there with them but we just couldn't trust our two year old boy not to get in the cot when shes in it,
So it was time to move the cot out ready for when my daughter needs it, It wasn't until I moved the cot into my room that I realised how big it really is, But its now at the bottom of my bed, waiting for her to go in it.

At the moment shes still in her mosses basket and out of all my friends babies that are the same age she seems to be the only one still able to fit in her mosses basket.
After finally getting my room sorted it was back into the kids room to sort out there toys, They have far to many they don't play with so When I was going through them I was looking to see what I could sell on and what just needed to be chucked away, I found a fair few things that would be worth selling on so im keeping my fingers crossed that someone on netmums would like to buy them.

On Sunday we was trying to think of what we could do to get the kids out of the house so we decided on taking them to the local carboot sale, My daughter kept saying can we buy this to any old rubbish and I kept telling her we will look around before we buy anything, As I knew she would buy something then change her mind about it as she would see something else she wanted.
Our first buy was some clothes for my youngest girl two tops and a pair of trousers for just £1.50, Im surprised at them as it was my husband that spotted them and said we should get them.

Then our second buy was for my son it was the VW campervan from the film cars at a really small price of just 25p, My son is a huge cars fan so we couldn't turn it down at that price.

Then finally my oldest daughter got her turn and we found two zhu zhu hamsters for £5.00 for the pair again I couldn't turn them down as there normally £10.00 for just one.

And the last thing we brought was a jigsaw puzzle for me and I blame my son for this as when I was sorting there room out he had got hold of all the jigsaws and mixed them up and I spent over an hour sorting them out and it got me in the mood for doing one for myself so when I saw a brand new never been opened jigsaw for just £1 I had to get it.
I have a feeling it will keep me busy for a while as its 1250 pieces and it took me an hour just to sort the edges out.
I will keep you updated on how I get on with the jigsaw.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

MAM Oral Care Rabbit

The MAM oral care rabbit is designed so you can give you babies regular oral care right from birth, It also helps to get them used to having there teeth brushed, The oral care rabbit cleans babies mouth and removes plaque and bacteria easily, all you have to do is put your fingers in the rabbits ears and gently massage your babies sore gums or if they have teeth its perfect for cleaning them to get your baby used to having them done.
The oral care rabbit its made from soft materials and not only can it be used for cleaning there teeth and gums but My little girl likes to give it a cuddle and a chew.
You can was it at 40 so their is no need to go out and buy a new one should it get grubby.

My little girl thinks its a game when I use this on her and starts laughing, Its good to know that she lets me use this so hopefully when the time comes to using a proper tooth brush on her she wont mind me doing it.
You can buy the oral care rabbit from here here
Also please go over to there facebook page where theres lots of competitions and you can find out about all the latest products from MAM and theres lots of great people to talk to, You can visit there facebook page here

MAM Anti Colic, Self Sterilising Bottle

The MAM Anti colic bottle has a vented base this helps to regulate the pressure balance. The milk can flow evenly without bubbles and without foaming, Not only is this bottle anti colic but you don't need a steriliser as you can do it with just the bottle,
This is how its done.
Fill the base of the bottle with 20ml of water (you can use the cap as it has measurements marked on)
Place the teat into the ring and place it onto the base.
Place the bottle on top of the base.
Place the cap over the top.
And finally pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes (Longer if you are doing more than one bottle)

Since using MAM bottles on my daughter I have noticed she sleeps longer at night and hasn't suffered from Colic, So happy baby and happy mummy.

If you want to buy these bottles you can from most supermarkets and most shops that sell baby products, You can also buy them online from MAM here.
Please also take a look at there facebook page for all the latest information from them and plenty of competitions and there is also lots of other parents to chat to, You can find there facebook page here

MAM Perfect Soother

The MAM perfect soother is different to any other MAM soothers, Its 60% thinner than normal ones and 3 times softer, The design of the MAM perfect soother is to help reduce the risk of misaligned teeth, And like all other MAM products its BPA free.

When you buy normal MAM soothers they normally come in a plastic box to keep them safe, This perfect soother comes in a plastic box but is different to the normal ones as it can also be used as a steriliser, Its very simple to use as a steriliser all you need to do is fill the box up to the line on the back of the box with water pop your soother into the holder, close then put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Even better news is that you can use the box to steriliser all MAM soothers not just the perfect one.

With the teat of this soother being thinner I have noticed it doesn't fall out of my daughters mouth as much which means a better night sleep for me and her, I was a little worried how she would react to a thinner teat but it didn't seem to bother her one bit.

If you want to buy the perfect soother you can from here
Also visit there facebook page for great competitions and really friendly people to talk to, You can find there facebook page here

Friday, 5 August 2011

MAM Learn to brush set

So MAM also sent a Learn to brush set for my boy to try out, This brush set is suitable from 6 months and consists of two brushes a training brush and a first brush you also get a handy little shield so the brush wont get pushed to far back into your childs mouth.
Along with the two brushes you get some really good information on taking care of your teeth.
Both of the brushes Have very easy grip handles and the Training brush has and extra long handle so mum or dad can help them with there brushing.
My son has always been a problem when it comes to brushing teeth, It always end in a big chase and then him being held very still so I was very interested to see what would happen with this brush.
But to my surprise he stood there and quite happily let me help him brush them, He couldn't resist having a play with the shield as he has never had something like that on his tooth brush before, I also think what might have helped was that he brush head was a lot smaller than the brushes he has used before.
You can buy this brush from MAM's online store here and I have seen them in a few other shops that normally sell baby products.
Also visit there facebook page for your chance to enter competitions that they hold often and you will also have a chance to speak to other mums you can visit there facebook page here

MAM Sports cup

The lovely people over at MAM sent me a sports cup to try out on my son and review.
Like all MAM products its Bpa free. This sports cup is designed to be non spill and it really is, unlike other brands I have brought in the past saying non spill when they really do. The bottle is shaped with a curve and it makes it easy for your toddler to hold.
My son was immediately attracted to this sports bottle with its nice bright blue colour and the picture on the front, When my son finally got his hands on it, I noticed that he could hold it really well and with no problems even when it was filled right up with juice, He also knocked it over on the table a few times and not a drop spilled out.
The MAM sports cup is very easy to clean and put all its parts back together again. You can also clean it in a dishwasher (top rack only)
This sports cup comes with a lid so when your out and about you can pop the lid on to keep it clean, Thats something I have never seen before on a toddlers drinking cup.
You can buy MAM products from most supermarkets and Most shops that stock baby items, You can also buy all there products from there online store here MAM Online shop
Also go visit there facebook page they hold regular competitions and its a great place to be able to talk to other mums and dads you can find there facebook page here