Privacy and cookie policies on this blog

I love cookies but not everybody does! Here is the privacy and cookie policy used on this blog:

This blog uses Cookies as part Google analytics and Stat Counter analytics. This is data that helps me understand who visits my blog. This is done to give me a better understanding of what people are looking to read so I may improve the information appearing on it in regards to relevancy etc. I also use Disqus for leaving comments.

The information and data the Cookie collects will not be stored by myself other than for data analytics and will expire when you leave the site.

If you are not a lover of Cookies then most browsers will give you the option to opt out or if you would prefer further information then please refer to for further information on how to set your browser to not receive Cookies and how to delete existing ones.

If you like Cookies or are just happy as you are without changing your browser preferences then this is consenting to the use of your Cookies.

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