Sunday, 27 November 2011

Zing: Ickee Stikeez

I had never herd of Ickee Stikeez before so was very interested to see what they was when they arrived, The come You can buy them in foil packs where you can't see what ones you get and you can also buy packs of 6 where you can see what ones you get,
I was sent 3 foil packs each containing 3 Ickees with podz and 3 Ickeez koinz, I opened up one pack and inside this is what I found,
Each Ickeez comes hidden inside its pod and each koinz you get has the name of the Ickeez you have in the pack,
The koinz have code on them that can be used on there website here
There is 24 different Ickeez to collect and I can see them being a big hit for children to take to school and swap doubles with there friends.
My daughter was very excited when I showed her them and quickly started showing me the things she could do with them, One thing she pointed out to me was that they stick to glass and other shiny surfaces, Which so thought was great fun, She also spent hours rolling them about in there podz.
They got a big thumbs up from my daughter and they also get a big thumbs up from me as they have kept her entertained for hours each day.
With Christmas right around the corner I have to point out these will be perfect for stocking fillers, As you can buy them in a pack of one for just 99p from Toymaster, Sainsburys, Amazon
Or the foil pack of 3 for 2.99 from Tesco, Toys R Us, Amazon and of course there is the 6 pack for £4.99 from Toymaster, amazon, Toys R Us.
I have since gone out and brought some more for my daughter for her Christmas stocking and know she will be over the moon when she opens them.

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