Thursday, 4 August 2011

Spin Master: Zoobles Mama and Zoobling

Me and my daughter was one of the lucky 25 people selected to try out the new Zoobles, My daughter already being a big fan of the original Zoobles and owning lots already and as I've been told by other mums that have seen my daughter with them they are the latest playground craze.
My daughter couldn't wait to get playing with the new ones, These are different to the original ones as not only do you get a zooble and a habitat you also get a baby Zooble, The mama Zooble is bigger than the original ones and will sit the baby one inside it when its in its ball form.
Both Zoobles in there ball form
Mama zooble popped open
zoobling popped open

When your zooble is in its ball form in order for it to spin open you need to place it on its habitat there is a magnet inside the zooble that once it touches metal it makes it pop open, My daughter likes to go round the house with hers to find what she can open it on.
The zoobling opens differently to other zoobles, It has a little button on it that you push and out it pops.
There are hundreds of different zoobles to collect and they all come with different habitats.

When I asked my daughter what she thought of the new Zoobles this is what she said:
Its the best zooble I have
And when I asked her why she explained to me that she loved having two zoobles a mummy and baby one and that she liked the baby being able to go inside the mummy one.
So a big hit with her as she has now told me she wants more mama and zoobling ones.
If you want to find out about all the other products from Spin master then pop over to there website here Spin master
You can also get your kids to log on to the zooble website where they can play games and keep tract of all the zoobles they own and that can be found here Zooble home page
You can buy Zoobles from all toy shops and most supermarkets also stock them.

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