Sunday, 31 July 2011

The winner of the gift set from Flutterby Baby Bows - Baby and child bespoke hair clips and accessories

Thanks to everyone that entered, I have used and the winner is

Sharma Gaskill

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Cushi Tush baby seat

I was sent a Cushi Tush baby seat to review from the lovely Eve from Trendy Little Angels
As soon as it arrived I was really shocked at how light weight it was, I couldn't wait to get my daughter sitting in it, its suitable from 3 months to 18 months and my daughter is 3 months so when I put he in it, it was nice to see she looked comfy, The back of it is higher than other baby seats I have seen in shops so I knew my little girl would be well supported,
The tray removes so you can get your child in and out easily and it helps to give them a little more support so they don't just flop forward.
This seat is Paediatrician approved and ergonomically designed to aid posture and is even used in hospitals, You can either just wipe this seat clean or if you have one pop it in a dishwasher.
My daughter spends about 30 minutes a time sitting in her seat just playing with her toys or looking at the TV.
You can buy this seat in 4 different colours and there all available from here Trendy Little Angels You can also buy lots of other different products from here well worth a look.
There is also a Facebook page you can follow so please pop on over and show some support Trendy Little Angels Facebook page

Pink Lining Mums on the run bag

I was sent a really nice Mums on the run bag from Pink lining, The design I got sent was Garden print,
It came really nicely packaged wrapped in pink tissue paper tied with ribbon a really nice touch.
The bag comes with a changing mat that has the same print as the bag on one side and the other a really nice pink fabric.
I was a little worried when I first opened the bag, As I'm a real nappy user I wasn't sure I would be able to use them in it, But don't be fooled by its size I managed to get a brand new pack of baby wipes a real nappy, wet bag, nappy sacks and a bottle of milk in it, Theres two pockets to this bag you have the main one where you put your nappies and a smaller one where you can put your keys, phone and money.
The changing mat that comes with the bag is really nice and padded and is wipe clean just like the bag.
This bag is great for travel and very handy when you have a small pushchair like I do.
You can buy this bag and many others from their website here Pink lining
They also have a Facebook page where you can find out all the latest information and that can be found here Pink lining Facebook page

Friday, 29 July 2011

Born Free Cool flow soothers

I was sent a pack of two Born Free cool flow soothers to try out, They came in a hard plastic case and both soothers also had covers for the teats, These soothers come in two different age groups 0-6 months and 6+ months, I really like the fact that the holes around the soother are not to small as others I have used in the past only have really small ones, I also like that there is soft edges so it wont rub on my babies face again something not many others have.
These soothers have an orthodontic teat so when your baby starts getting teeth they wont get misaligned, Like all other Born free products these are also BPA free.
If you want to buy these or any other Born free products you can do so here Born Free website
Also go take a look at there Facebook page where they hold lots of competitions and also have lots of great advice and that can be found here Born Free facebook page

10 Things you didn't know about me

So I was tagged along with Mummy Wants and WonnaBlogger by the lovely Mymummyspennies to reveal 10 things you didn't know about me before this post, so here goes...

1)Im 27 years old

2)I got married at the age of 21

3)I met my husband in great Yarmouth even though we lived in the same village for years

4)My favorite film ever is Stardust

5)I cant drive :(

6)My favorite group is Take That

7)I will only eat cheep nasty sausages

8)I'm scared of Lorrys and anything bigger than the car im in

9)I used to work for a bank

10)I have to hang my washing out perfectly and use matching pegs

And I am tagging these lovely Mummy Bloggers to do the same...


Lindy Loves

Charlie Monsters fun house

Yoomi the self-warming baby bottle

I was sent the Yoomi self-warming bottle to test out and when I first herd about it I was wondering how it could be self warming, So when it arrived I couldnt wait to test it out, The bottle come in a really sturdy tube box so there was no chance of it getting damaged in the post, There was a lot of information that needed to be read before you start to use the bottle, But once that was read I soon got the bottle and the warmer ready to use.
Theirs 5 main parts to this bottle, The cap, antic colic teat, collar, bottle and the warmer.
To make it so the warmer heats up the milk you need to boil it for 25 minutes and then you need to let it cool for 75 minutes before you can use it.
Once it had cooled down I made up some milk for my daughter and tested out the warmer it was very easy to use all you have to do is press the orange button and a few seconds later it will be active to make sure it is active if you give it a shake it wont rattle, you then need to wait 30 seconds, When the button starts to fade you have to turn the bottle upside down for another 30 seconds and then its ready to go.
I tested the milk on my wrist and it really does work, these bottles are great if your going out shopping with your little one and need to warm there milk.
The warmer is only good for 3 months or up to 100 uses and they even give you a little chart so you can keep track of how many times its used or how old if you don't use it that often.
You can buy these bottle from their website here Yoomi webiste
Also go visit there Facebook page to be kept up to date with all their latest information. Yoomi Facebook page

Monday, 25 July 2011

Kool Sun UV Protective clothing

I was sent Two suits and two hats to test out one for my youngest daughter and one for my son,
The ones that were sent for my son were from the Hibiscus range and the ones for my little girl are the Soft touch range
Upon opening them I was very impressed with how they soft they felt, perfect to go on my little ones skin, The fabric used to make both the suits and hats is nylon but has a soft cotton like feel to them they provide a UPF 50+.
These suits have poppers between the legs so you have easy access to the nappy for changing, Both suits have now been washed and they have come out feeling just the same as when I got them in the post, They also dried very quick so are perfect for a holiday.
I got two different style hats A Bucket style for my boy and a Legionnaire Style for my girl, Both are made from the same fabric as the suits and both off great protection from the sun.
Kool Sun do a whole range of products and are definitely worth a visit on there web site here Kool Sun
And if you get the chance please go over to there Facebook page here Kool Sun Facebook page

Friday, 22 July 2011

My son now has his glasses

My son with his glasses

Finally after waiting over 3 weeks my sons glasses have finally come, His eyes are very bad he is -18 in his right eye and -16 in his left, So his glasses took longer than expected due to the lovely opticians getting the lenses thinned out, the total price for his glasses were £400 and we only had to pay £20, Apperantly we went over the voucher limit but I think thats because the opticians felt sorry for him.

His older sister also wears glasses and her eyes are nearly as bad as his, hers are -18 in the right and -11 in the left, They both also suffer from having loose lenses and they think it could be genetic so we now have an appointment to get our little baby girls eyes checked out fingers crossed hers will be fine I feel so bad seeing my kids in glasses.
My daughter with her glasses

Buggy Tug

I was sent a buggy Tug to test out, I couldn't wait to give it a try, At the moment i'm trying to get my son to walk more so I dont have to use the double buggy anymore and when he's on his reins I'm always having to let go of the buggy as he wants to change sides, So having the Buggy Tug on the buggy made me feel at ease knowing my pushchair wasn't just going to go rolling away from me.

The Buggy Tug is very easy to fit and it is nice and stretchy so its easy to get over your hand, Its also very soft on your wrist so it wont irritate it when you use it.

You can buy a Buggy Tug for £3.99 from there website which can be found here Buggy Tug They also have a list on there site that tells you where else you can buy it from, To me £3.99 is a great price just to have a safe baby.

VupBaby, Boon Snack ball

The lovely people from VupBaby sent me a Boon snack ball to test out and review, When it arrived my son was very excited and couldnt wait for me to open it for him to use.

The snack ball is suitable from 12 months and is perfect for travel, Its made from a hard plastic so it will protect all snacks from getting broken or squashed, its BPA, PVC and Phthalates free.
It can hold up to 6oz's and comes apart for easy cleaning you can even wash it in the dishwasher.

I decided to put raisins in it as my son loves them but makes a right mess when there in a bowl, My son was able to open the lid and close it without any problems and when he dropped it all the raisins stayed inside,
This is a great product and definitely worth buying.

The snack ball comes in 3 different colours and cost £7.49 you can buy it from there online site here VupBaby
And to keep up with the latest news from VupBaby visit there facebook page here VupBaby Facebook page

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Poor Girl

My poor girl woke this morning with a couple of spots on her arms, They looked just like her ones shes had before that turned out to be insect bites, But when she got out of school today she was covered in them, So it was a trip to the doctors for her, The doctor thinks shes had an alergic reaction to something so we now have to give her medicine and keep a log of all the things she does and eats.

Now she only has 2 days left at school and the doctor told me I have to keep her off to keep an eye on her incase they get worse or incase she starts to have breathing problems.
Shes so upset about not being able to go to school, But i've told her we will do some fun things to keep her busy.
Fingers crossed the spots go soon, and we find out what caused them.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fudgy bear and Fudgy goes to the farm Book

Fudgy came to life in the summer of 2010 when Sarah decided to write a book for her little boy Nicholas. The book she created was about Nicholas' teddy bear and his trip to the farm. Nicholas loved the book so much, Sarah decided to take the idea one stage further and create a series of fun stories revolving around the teddy bear's adventures. But for this, she needed a bear and so she set about designing and creating a new Teddy bear who could feature in the books. And so Fudgy came about! He's the best of all of Nicholas' bears, a truly loveable bear, created using only the very finest, plush materials and with an intricate attention to detail - from the hand stitching of his paws to the printing on his bow tie.

When I got Fudgy bear I loved how soft he felt and the size of him he's not to big and he's not to small, I have hardly got a look in with Fudgy as my two year old son took a sudden liking to him and he hasn't left his side.
Fudgy has been modelled on a classic teddy bear however his soft, shaggy fur gives him a modern feel. He is 32 cm tall and is the softest, cuddliest teddy bear to snuggle up to!

Fudgy is instantly recognisable given that his name is embroidered onto the pad of his right foot. He also has a lovely golden bow tie, with his name printed on it. He is a beautiful golden brown, has studded black eyes, a big black hand stitched nose and mouth, the softest paw pads and hand stitched claws.

With Fudgy being a big hit with my son, I thought it was only fair to let my 5 year old girl have the book, She told me how she liked all the pictures in the book and that the story was fun to listen to.
As you can see from the picture the pages of the book are glossy and theirs plenty of pictures to keep your kids attention, My daughter liked pointing out her favorite animals on the pages and she really liked the quiz at the back of the book, I thought the quiz was a great touch as I did it with my daughter and could tell she was really paying attention to the story when I was reading it with her.

You can buy Fudgy bear and all the books from there website here Fudgy bear website They also have there own facebook page and that can be found here Fudgy bear Facebook page

Organix Mighty meals

I was sent 3 different meals for my son to try out, They promise no junk and really do mean it, These meals are suitable for 1-3 years of age, My son decided he wanted to have the Hearty lamb hotpot first, Theirs two different ways to heat it up although if you want you can just serve it at room temperature, You can simmer it in a pan or water for 10 mins but If like me you have a toddler that cant wait for food you can heat it in the microwave for 40 seconds, When you have heated it up make sure you give it a good stir then it should be ready to go.
Hearty Lamb hotpot
You can really see theirs lots of vegetables in this one, I even tried a spoonful myself and it tasted just like something I would normally cook for myself and my kids.
Spinach Falafels
Tomatoey Beef Bolognese
All 3 of these meals were a big hit with my son and every last bit was eaten by him Well except from the spoonful that I tried of each one.
To find out more about Organix and the other products they do, Take a look at there website here Organix

Halos N Horns Baby bath and Moisturising lotion

I hadn't herd of Halos N Horns before so when I was offered some to review I couldn't wait to try it out, I was also sent some really handy to know information from them so I will post it here for you,
Halos N Horns understands how hard it can be for mums when a new baby arrives, especially when it’s the first child. Looking after the delicate and sensitive skin of a new baby is just one of many things mum might worry about - so Halos N Horns has worked with its baby skincare advisor and award winning midwife, Sharon Trotter, to bring you some easy to follow, practical advice.

Try these top 10 tips for looking after your baby’s skin:

· Just use water on your baby’s skin for at least the first month, so the skin has a chance to mature and develop its own protective barrier.
· Remember to wash your hands before and after carrying out any care of your baby.
· Read the labels of any skincare products before you buy them, and avoid products containing sulphates (SLS / SLES), parabens and phthalates.
· To help ensure your baby doesn’t react to a new skincare product, before you start using it do a patch test on a small area of skin.
· Breastfeeding your baby can help strengthen their immune system so their skin is less likely to be affected by potential irritants.
· Don’t overload your washing machine! This will help prevent a build-up of chemical residues on clothing and bedding.
· Cloth nappies are as efficient as disposables and don’t give a higher risk of nappy rash - they are also kinder to the environment.
· Use a thin layer of barrier cream on your baby’s bottom to help protect against nappy rash developing - choose a cream free from preservatives, colours, perfumes, antiseptics, and ideally opt for a cream clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of nappy rash.
· Choose vegetable based moisturising lotions and massage oils, which are free from mineral oils and colours. If there is a history of nut allergies in your family you should also avoid nut-based oils. If you want to try baby massage, contact a qualified baby massage therapist and ask for their advice on suitable massage oils.
· In line with Cancer Research UK’s SunSmart code, babies under a year old should be shielded from direct sunlight with the help of parasols, wide-brimmed hats and UV buggy covers or beach pods. Sun protection creams should be used with great care and avoided altogether for at least the first six months of life.

I first tried out the Baby bath, It comes in a squeezy tube that was very easy to get out and smells really nice, The good thing with this is its not only a bubble bath but you can also use it as a body wash and shampoo, Its also kind to eyes and hypoallergenic, they also don't test there products on animals.
When my daughter got out of the bath not only did she smell nice but her hair was lovely and soft and her skin was soft to, Once she was dried I tested out the moisturising lotion again this has a really nice smell to it, The lotion soaks into the skin quick and doesn't leave a greasy or sticky feel to the skin and now my daughters skin feels lovely and soft.
To find out more about their product range and where you can buy it from check out there website here Halos N Horns
Also check out there facebook page here Halos N Horns Facebook page

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Nuby Non drip bottle to cup

I was sent this non drip bottle to cup to test out and review from Nuby It's suitable from 3 months, is BPA free and comes with a vari-flo teat and spout, I was surprised to see a spout included with the bottle as most I have come across you have always had to buy the spout separately, so right away I thought this is a bargain.
I only tried the teat with my daughter as she has only just turned 3 months, So I gave her some water to drink from it as I thought it would be good to try something different to her normal bottle that she has for milk, My little girl took to it right away and she even started to hold the handles, When she is older I will update this review to how she takes to the spout,
You can buy this cup from their website here Nuby's website The price for this bottle is £3.99
If you would like to find out more about Nuby then why not visit there facebook page here Nubys facebook page

Nuby Teether tugz and Flip flop teether book

I was sent a Teether tugz by Nuby when I opened the package my first thought was how nice and bright the colours are, On the ears you have two nice soft teether parts and by pulling one ear you make the other shorter definitely something that will keep an older baby entertained for hours, The fabrics it is made from are all different textures, There is even a rattle inside the body of it, My daughter has spent many hours playing about with this she hasn't managed to pull the ears yet but she loves having a good chomp on them and shes had to have it with her when we're out and about in the pushchair so its a great hit with her.
You can buy this teether for a small price of £4.99, A great price for hours of fun and soothing of the gums for your little one.

I was also sent a Flip Flop Teether Book to try out from Nuby and this also has the same bright colours as the teether tugz, This one has a nice rhyming story in it and the paged of it all have a crinkle sound when touched, Two of the legs are made from soft teether rubber and the other two crinkle, There is also a ring that is good for chewing and in the head there is a squeaker, My little girl has enjoyed listening to me reading the story while she plays with the crinkle pages and feet, The squeaker is really good for stopping her crying and shes really enjoyed looking at all the bright colours.
You can buy this for just £5.99 and you can buy that from there website here Nuby Along with many other teether toys.
Nuby also has there own facebook page here Nubys facebook page
Both these teethers are suitable from birth and are BPA free.