Sunday, 10 July 2011

Born Free, Bottles and Twist'n'Pop toddler cup

Finding the right drinking cup for your toddler can be hard theirs so many out there to choose from and of course you want one thats non spill and easy for your toddler to drink from.
The Born free Twist'n'Pop straw cup is perfect for making your toddler feel all grown up, Its easy for your toddler to open and close when needed and easy for mum and dad to clean.

The Twist’nPop spill proof straw cup, for ages 2+, incorporates a hygienic pop up silicone straw and venting mechanism for comfortable drinking, It comes in 4 different colours and the can be brought from here Born free Twist'n'Pop cup

Trying your baby on a different type of bottle can be quite daunting, I have tried many bottles on my daughter to try and find the best one for her to drink from,When I received a pack of Born free bottles I was a little put off by the amount of parts there was to this bottle, But after having a play about I found them very easy to put back together, The plastic bottle was a much better quality than some of the bottles I have tried but with this it made the bottle heavier than the ones I have tried before, But having a better quality plastic made me think how much longer they would last to others.

The free flow silicone air valve incorporated into the BornFree Venting System breathes together with your feeding baby and starts a steady flow of liquid only when your baby suckles, just like breastfeeding.
ActiveFlow, where babies control their own flow of milk, makes for a comfortable and easy feed for both of you while combining naturally with breastfeeding.

After feeding my daughter using this bottle, I noticed that she had very little wind and what wind she did have was very easy to get out of her.
You can buy these bottles from here BornFree Bottles and they come in glass or plastic.
Bornfree Also have a Facebook page so why dont you pop over there Facebook page

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