Friday, 8 July 2011

Happy Hollydaisy, My all grow'd up cup

My all grow'd up cup from Happy Hollydaisy was invented by a mum who thought it was dangerous to keep handing her kids drinks while in the car driving and was also wanted to stop beakers being left all over the house, We all no what a pain it is once you have done the washing up thinking you have got it all then you find your kids beakers hiding.

The cup has a holder that has 3 suckers on and will stick to nearly anything, We tried it on the kitchen cupboards, fridge and our balcony doors.
It was really good as my son knew where his cup was at all times without pestering me because he couldn't find it, When the cup is put into the holder it looks like and elephant and when you place the cup into the holder it makes and elephant sound.

The cup is BPA free, free flow and non spill it comes with two AAA batteries. The only problem we had with this was the cup just wasn't big enough for the amount my son drinks, Other than that this is a really great cup and it only costs £12.99 you can buy it from there site here Happy Hollydaisy Its available in 4 colours, Pink, Blue, Orange and Lime Green.
You can also visit there Facebook page here Happy Hollydaisy Facebookk Page

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