Monday, 11 July 2011

Funky giraffe bibs

Having a baby that always dribbles milk at feed time and then a change of clothes after finding the right bib can be hard, I personally have found bandana style bibs the best as the fit snugly under the neck. But these bandana ones are a lot different to ones I have tried in the past they are curved round the neck instead of strait and it gives them a much better fit.

They are very absorbent and soft to touch, They have a cotton front and fleece back, they do up with a double popper system so they can be adjusted to the size you need, I have now washed the bibs and they are still just as soft as when I got them and they dry very quick.

The people behind Funky giraffe bibs are hoping to launch new products soon including baby grows and rompers so keep an eye out for them as im sure they will be just as nice as the bibs, Funky giraffe bibs dont only do bandana style bibs they do others too, So go check out there web site here Funky Giraffe Bibs
They also have a facebook page and that can be found here Facebook page so why do you pop on over and say Hi.

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