Friday, 30 September 2011

Competition to win a Bright Starts, Rock in the park Rocker

So here it is the long awaited for competition,The lovely people sent me an extra one to giveaway as a prize. Just a reminder its suitable from birth to toddler.
Dont for get to check out my review for it here

All you need to do to win this is follow Bright Starts facebook page here and write on there wall busymumof3 sent you,
You also need to follow my blog via google friends or network blogs. And dont forget to write here that you have done that

For extra entries you can:
1) follow me on twitter here
2) Comment on one of my blog posts and come back here to tell me what one
3) Share this competition on Facebook don't forget to tag busymumof3

Please leave me a comment for each one you do.
The competition ends on 14th October
UK entries only please

Good luck

Bright Starts, Rock in the park Rocker

I was sent this Bright starts Rocker to review, When it arrived I could tell right away that it needed putting together, So when I opened the box it was nice to see clear instructions one how to put it together although it was really simple I didn't really use them.

This rocker takes one C size battery for a soothing function, It also has a stand to stop the rocking action and you can adjust the position of the seat as its suitable from birth right through to toddler age, So when I tested it I used it for my son and daughter, My daughter loves the toys hanging from the bar that goes across it.
And the soothing function stopped her crying and helped her go off to sleep.
When its used for a toddler you remove the toy bar, put the stand up and position the seat into the up right position, My son loved it as it made him feel like a grown up having a seat of his own to sit in.
I really like this rocker as its good right through to todlers and it has really nice bright colours, This rocker is only just being launched in the uk and You can buy one from Mothercare, Tescos,Amazon and soon to be avalible from boots you can also visit there facebook page here

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Old Fashioned Toy Shop, Teamson sunny safari bookends

I was sent the Teamson sunny safari bookends to review from The old fashioned toy shop, When I unpacked them My first though was how nice and bright the colours are, Each bookend is hand painted so that means no two bookends will be the same, The paintwork on the bookends is really good quality and the detail painted on is very impressive,
They are made out of wood so they are quite heavy but with the weight they hold the books up with no problems, For the quality of these bookends you would expect to pay a quite a lot of money when in fact the price for these is only £17.99, These are a must have to make any childs room look extra special.
Old fashioned toy shop don't only sell bookends they sell all sorts of childrens toys, They also sell really nice wood toy boxes.
If you wish to buy these or any of the other bits they sell you can do so here
They also have a facebook page and that can be found here

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Winner of the mothercare smart nappy starter set

Thank you to everyone that entered I wish I had one for everyone but sadly I don't.

So the winner is....................

Angela @MrsWebster147 congratulations please email me your address at so I can get this sent out to you.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

My boys growing up to fast

I cant beleave in the last month how much my boy has changed, He's gone from a little mummy's boy who always wanted cuddles to someone that will only give kisses and cuddles at bed time, The he decided he wanted to use the potty instead of a nappy and now he no longer has a nappy on during the day even when we go out he wears his big boy pants.
Im sad seeing him no longer in cloth nappies, well apart from bed time, Im also in shock at how quick he has become potty trained,
It took nearly 5 months to get my first potty trained and that was with lots of bribing and treats everytime she used her potty, But we haven't needed to do that this time.

I really thought I was in for a tough time but he has proved me wrong and made me a very proud mummy and as a well done present we brought him a new sports bottle with his favorite film cars on it.

Dotty bots cloth nappy

Dotty bots cloth nappies are made up of 3 layers, The 1st layer is Microfibre or bamboo depending on what nappy you go for, The second layer is a terry toweling/bamboo fleece soaker and the 3rd layer is 100% waterproof and breathable polyurethane laminate outer to protect baby's cloths from moisture.

All dotty bots nappies come with 2 inserts one large and a slightly smaller bamboo super booster, All dotty bots bamboo nappies come with 2 slim line but highly absorbent bamboo inserts.

I'm a huge cloth nappy fan and must own about 40 by now, All from the same company as im to scared to buy different companies ones to try, But I'm very impressed with the dotty bots nappy that im very tempted to buy more, I got to chose what one I wanted to review so I went for one of the bamboo nappies, I have only ever used bamboo inserts so this was much different to the ones I use.

The fit was perfect for my girl as there was plenty of poppers to adjust the size to what fits best, The next test I did was to see how absorbent it was, Knowing bamboo is more absorbent I knew I should get a fair while out of it, but in the end after 4 hours I thought I best change it and to my surprise just touching the part of the nappy thats on your babies bottom it was dry, I then took the inserts out to see how they were and they were heavey but didn't feel soaked to the touch, So the nappy past the dryness test.

The next test was washing the nappy lucky for me washing it was the same as how I was my others so I put it in the machine and set the temp to 30, When the nappy was washed a I put it on my airer to dry like I do with mt others, The nappy and inserts took a little longer than my others to dry but bamboo does take longer to dry from my experience with using bamboo inserts in my other nappies.
If you would like to buy some for your self you can do so here
Also go on over to there facebook page where you can find out all the latest information you can find that here So go on over and tell them I sent you.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I was asked by Scooterearz if I would like to review their Scooterearz, I jumped at the chance as a mum I don't drive and my daughters always complaining about walking, So now she can go on her scooter without getting cold hands.

Scooterearz are weatherproof Gloves that fit onto the handles of all scooters and are lined with bright fun fur colours, I have to admit I put my hands in them and now I want some for my pushchair, They feel very soft on your hands my daughter loves the feel of them and we had trouble getting her off her scooter.
They are designed so you can easily get your hands out quick and are very easy to take off and put on your scooter.
This is a must have now the weather is getting colder and it means you can still keep your kids active.

To find out more about Scooterearz you can visit there website here
Also Visit there facebook page here
They are due to be released in autumn 2011 so not long to wait now if you want to get your hands on a pair

Monday, 12 September 2011

Bandai, Tinga Tinga tales up, down & all around monkey

I was sent the Up down and all around monkey by Bandai for my son to test out for me to review, As soon as it arrived both me and my son were attracted to it for me it was the bright colours for my son it was just because it was Tinga tales, I'm sure all you mummies out there know what Tinga tales is, If not I'll tell you its a childrens cartoon on cbeebies, Its all about how for example the elephant got its trunk, Its very eye catching to young children with its bright colours.

This monkey is really cleaver as it knows if you have it upside down, the right way up or lying down, My son just loved how the monkey kept laughing at him and talking to him, The monkey has a fairly ridged arm and tail but it does bend and the arm that is ridged you can hook it over things like door handles to make the monkey swing, You can do the same with the tale.

Even though this monkey has a battery pack in its body its still lovely and cuddly as the fabric its made from its nice and soft, Its that cuddly that my son has taken it to bed with him every night since we have had it and it doesn't leave his side during the day, Its well worth £25 should you wish to buy one for your little ones then you can do so from here Also Bandai have a facebook page so why not go over and like them to you can also nominate your child for fan of the month, You can find there facebook pagehere

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hamster buggy bags

Having a light weight pushchair is always a worry when out shopping from fear of it tipping if you put to much shopping on your handles, With the Hamster buggy bags thats no longer a problem, When you buy them you get two bags one for each side of your pushchair.
The bags might look small but they unfold into bigger bags that velcro onto your pushchair, both bags are the same and the both have a main opening and inside that you will find a place to put a bottle of your babies milk or juice and then there is a smaller pocket thats handy for keys, money or even your phone, You can also use the part that the bag was folded into as a pocket.
You can fit a lot into these bags but you need to make sure you balance out the weight, You don't need to take them off your pushchair when you fold it as long as they have nothing inside them it wont be a problem.
You buy a pack of 2 bags for £29.99 and there is a choice of colours and patterns you can view all there colours and patterns here you can also buy them from there too.
Before you do buy you will need to make sure they will fit onto your buggy and you can do that from here
You can also visit there facebook page to find out all the latest information can you can find it here

My Village street fair Part 2

So if you read my first part you would have known there was fireworks and live music, So me and my husband and the kids all went back up there at 6:30pm, As we got there the place was filling up already but we found somewhere to sit, So my husband went and got us some drinks I normally don't drink alcohol but I decided to have a cider anyway.
As we was waiting for my husband to get back with the drinks my son and daughter was dancing to the music that had just started.

My daughter found some of her school friends when we was up there so she went off to play with them and my son kept trying to go to her so he could play, I think my husband must have lost weight the amount of running after him he had to do.

Soon the live band started up and everyone started to get very loud and to my surprise my youngest was really looking like she was having fun even though she was in her pushchair.
My son really started getting into the music and finally sat down and stopped trying to run off to play.

By about 8-8:30 the band stopped for the fireworks, they were not as good as last years but they still has the kids mesmorized by them even my youngest was just staring up at them, When they stopped the band started up again and didn't stop till about 9:30 by this time my son was getting tired and decided he wanted to go home by dragging me to the direction our flat is, so we headed off home, we all had a really great time I just hope next years is better than this years one.

Daisy Roots Shoes

I was kindly sent two pairs of Daisy Roots shoes to try out, I got to chose what ones I wanted and it was a very hard choice theirs so many to chose from, I finally went for a pair for my son called A star is born and went for size 2-3 years there shoes go up to 4 years depending on the style you want,

The next pair I found even harder to chose and I finally went for Pony, For my girl and the size I got was 0-6 months, I have found it hard to get a pair of shoes to fit my daughter but these fitted her really well and didn't make her feet look huge, The pair my son got also fitted him very well,

Daisy Roots use Eco friendly leather that's safe for toe suckers, The soft breathable leather allows healthy foot growth, They use vegetable dye so theirs no nasty chemicals and they have a safe anti slip sole perfect for when your little one starts to walk around.
The shoes have no laces to do up as they have elastic to keep them on.
If you would like to buy a pair and I think they are a must have for any little one you can buy them from here
They also have a facebook page and that can be found here

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 10 September 2011

My Village street fair

Every year in September my village hold a street fair, This year so far its not as good as it has been, They normally have loads of fair ground rides including things like dodgers but this year all the have is a bouncy castle and a small kids ride.

Aswell as rides they have lots of stalls and on one of the stalls I won a bottle of gin and 4 cans of beer after winning that my mum said to me I had to pick her tickets for her so as I was under pressure I picked them carefully and as I opened them I was happy I won a prize for her she got 8 miniature bottles of alcohol, As we was walking round I found a bargain,

All I paid for it was 20p I had seen these in the shops and wanted one for my son so I couldn't turn it down, My daughter also found something she really wanted and that was a My little pony for only 10p, We decided to get something to eat and we had a big choice of food there was a pig roast on for a pork butty or you could have got a burger in a bun or chips so we decided on the pig roast,
Once we had that we decided to head home for a while as later tonight there will be live music till late and a huge firework display and they will have a beer tent and food for everyone to buy when thats on, I will hopefully update later tonight with everything that happens tonight thats if im not to worn out.
Im just keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't rain for the fireworks as we have had on off rain most of the day.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Ballyhoo Toys Ltd, Shape sorting clock

The lovely people over at Ballyhoo Toys sent me this really nice shape sorting clock for my kids to test out, The clock is suitable for 3+ years and all the edges on the shapes are rounded off so they wont hurt your child, The clock is made out of wood and has a raised bit on the back so it doesn't lie flat.

Since this arrived in the post both my kids have been fighting over who's going to play with it, So my daughter at school my son has had all the time to play with it and everywhere he has gone he has taken the clock with him, As he is only 29 months I need to give him full supervision while he plays with it, So when he has been playing we have been doing some of these extension activities that is suggested on the back of the packaging, For example naming the shapes,

With my son not being a big talker I thought he might have problems But I have managed to get him to say star, And when I ask him to point to a shape he does it,
So overall this toy is great for helping your children learn and with its bright bold colours it makes it very eye catching for little ones.

My daughter also had a turn on this clock, She didn't need help putting the shapes in or knowing what shapes what, But it is helping her to tell the time as I would set the time and then ask her to tell me the time.
If you would like to buy this toy or any other toy that Ballyhoo Toys sell you can do that from here
Ballyhoo Toys also has a facebook page where you can find all there latest information and you can find that here

Monday, 5 September 2011

Oh what an easy week I have (NOT)

So my daughter goes back to school this week, So I've had to try and get my kids back into there sleeping routine they had before school broke up, Not an easy task I got my kids up at 7:30am 30 minutes later than they would be up on a school day and my daughter was moaning she was tired.
Its been a long day today constant moaning shes tired but I have put her to bed at the time she was going before the school holidays and shes asleep.
But still your probably wondering why I think I don't have an easy week, So read on and you will see.

On to my son he has decided that he wants to start using the potty and toilet so potty training has begun, The problem we have is the potty we have wouldn't stop his wee from going everywhere so we have be searching long and hard for a potty that will do the trick, We are yet to find one, So far my boy hasn't done any wees but he has done one poo on his potty and a poo on the big toilet, He has clearly been watching his sister use the toilet as he holds onto the seat to stop him falling down.

Now onto my youngest daughter.

Now my little girl is teething shes not in pain and I think its because of her baltic amber teething necklace, but she is dribbling loads and going through no end of bibs so I think I will have to buy some more sometime soon, To top it off shes showing all the signs that shes ready for weaning, Now the fun begins.

Why does all this happen at the same time It would have been much easier if only one thing happened at a time but then thats life and we have to take everything thats thrown at us.