Monday, 12 September 2011

Bandai, Tinga Tinga tales up, down & all around monkey

I was sent the Up down and all around monkey by Bandai for my son to test out for me to review, As soon as it arrived both me and my son were attracted to it for me it was the bright colours for my son it was just because it was Tinga tales, I'm sure all you mummies out there know what Tinga tales is, If not I'll tell you its a childrens cartoon on cbeebies, Its all about how for example the elephant got its trunk, Its very eye catching to young children with its bright colours.

This monkey is really cleaver as it knows if you have it upside down, the right way up or lying down, My son just loved how the monkey kept laughing at him and talking to him, The monkey has a fairly ridged arm and tail but it does bend and the arm that is ridged you can hook it over things like door handles to make the monkey swing, You can do the same with the tale.

Even though this monkey has a battery pack in its body its still lovely and cuddly as the fabric its made from its nice and soft, Its that cuddly that my son has taken it to bed with him every night since we have had it and it doesn't leave his side during the day, Its well worth £25 should you wish to buy one for your little ones then you can do so from here Also Bandai have a facebook page so why not go over and like them to you can also nominate your child for fan of the month, You can find there facebook pagehere

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