Saturday, 10 September 2011

My Village street fair

Every year in September my village hold a street fair, This year so far its not as good as it has been, They normally have loads of fair ground rides including things like dodgers but this year all the have is a bouncy castle and a small kids ride.

Aswell as rides they have lots of stalls and on one of the stalls I won a bottle of gin and 4 cans of beer after winning that my mum said to me I had to pick her tickets for her so as I was under pressure I picked them carefully and as I opened them I was happy I won a prize for her she got 8 miniature bottles of alcohol, As we was walking round I found a bargain,

All I paid for it was 20p I had seen these in the shops and wanted one for my son so I couldn't turn it down, My daughter also found something she really wanted and that was a My little pony for only 10p, We decided to get something to eat and we had a big choice of food there was a pig roast on for a pork butty or you could have got a burger in a bun or chips so we decided on the pig roast,
Once we had that we decided to head home for a while as later tonight there will be live music till late and a huge firework display and they will have a beer tent and food for everyone to buy when thats on, I will hopefully update later tonight with everything that happens tonight thats if im not to worn out.
Im just keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't rain for the fireworks as we have had on off rain most of the day.

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