Sunday, 27 November 2011

Zing: Ickee Stikeez

I had never herd of Ickee Stikeez before so was very interested to see what they was when they arrived, The come You can buy them in foil packs where you can't see what ones you get and you can also buy packs of 6 where you can see what ones you get,
I was sent 3 foil packs each containing 3 Ickees with podz and 3 Ickeez koinz, I opened up one pack and inside this is what I found,
Each Ickeez comes hidden inside its pod and each koinz you get has the name of the Ickeez you have in the pack,
The koinz have code on them that can be used on there website here
There is 24 different Ickeez to collect and I can see them being a big hit for children to take to school and swap doubles with there friends.
My daughter was very excited when I showed her them and quickly started showing me the things she could do with them, One thing she pointed out to me was that they stick to glass and other shiny surfaces, Which so thought was great fun, She also spent hours rolling them about in there podz.
They got a big thumbs up from my daughter and they also get a big thumbs up from me as they have kept her entertained for hours each day.
With Christmas right around the corner I have to point out these will be perfect for stocking fillers, As you can buy them in a pack of one for just 99p from Toymaster, Sainsburys, Amazon
Or the foil pack of 3 for 2.99 from Tesco, Toys R Us, Amazon and of course there is the 6 pack for £4.99 from Toymaster, amazon, Toys R Us.
I have since gone out and brought some more for my daughter for her Christmas stocking and know she will be over the moon when she opens them.

Silent Sunday

Friday, 25 November 2011

Sudocrem Mousse, Name the Moose Competition

Sudocrem are going to be launching some great new products soon and are holding a very special competition to win £500 of toys r us vouchers and a personalised santa sack worth £150 for one lucky winner, So what are you waiting for head on over to there facebook page, Like it and enter the competition to name the mousse.

You can find there facebook page here

Good luck to all of you that enter.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas is coming YAY

I'm so excited this year for Christmas, For me Christmas is all about the kids, Every year my husband asks me what I want and every year all I say is nothing as I would rather the money spent on our kids,
I have already started buying presents for everyone because most years we leave it to the last minute and panic, so I didn't want that happening again.
Me and my husband have agreed that this year we will be making the Christmas dinner as simple as possible and not to buy a huge turkey, Even though I always make pies and curries out of the left overs we still have loads go to waste.

I will be putting my Christmas decorations up on the first Saturday of December so my oldest can help with the tree, Each year I like to put the tree in a different place in our living room, So I have been looking for the best place to put it and found it, The thing is now I know where its going I want to put it up now, I also buy more and more decorations each year, I'm sure I will be getting complaints from my neighbours soon as I keep buying lots of lights for outside, I even said to my husband I want the outside lit up so bright that we wont need street lights on (oh the cost of the electric).

This was my lights two years ago,
last year I added more

Keep an eye out for more Christmas related posts, From things to cook to things to make with the kids.

So busy and tired

Wow I have been neglecting my blog a bit recently, I'm sorry to all my blog readers, But I'm back and will be updating regualy,
Theirs a few reasons as to why I haven't blogged much recently, The first one being that my nearly 7 month old is teething and waking lots at night due to that, So instead of blogging at night like I would normally be doing I have been relaxing and trying to build up energy for the next day.

The next reason is my girl is now on the move and due to having a messy son who likes to make mess everywhere I have practically been following him round with the hoover to make sure there is nothing that my girl can pick up and put in her mouth, I'm starting to think my hoover is going to go on strike soon.
The next reason as you can see from the photo is my oldest daughter has taken over my laptop to play Moshi monsters online and when shes playing I only even get the laptop for a few minutes every so often, I shouldn't complain though as she has finally found something she likes to collect and play with, meaning its easier for us to buy her presents.
And the final reason is my son, As he has to have regular eye checks they find it harder to check his eyes as he never knows whats on the pictures they show him so the hospital have given us home work to get him to be able to say all the pictures that appear on there flash cards.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lack of sleep is killing me

Having 3 kids you are all proberley thinking I should be used to lack of sleep, Well thats where you are wrong, My daughter who is now 5 slept right through the night from 5 weeks old she went to bed a 7pm and never woke until 10:30 am, A lot of people said you will never get that with a second child but they was wrong.
My son who's now 2 and a half slept from 7pm right through till 7:30am and that was because I had to wake him to take my daughter to pre-school,

So yes I have had it very easy with these two, But sadly my luck has run out, My six month old normaly wakes once a night for a bottle, But now its worse as shes teething she has been staying up till about 8pm and then she will wake again around midnight and then every hour after that, Whats not helping is she also now has a cold so when she feeds she keeps stopping to breath so we have to keep clearing her nose to try and get her to feed like she normaly would.

My husband bless him when he's not working (weekends) he will take over and look after our daughter at night, But even if im not the one ment to be dealing with her I still wake up and end up sorting her out as my husbands a heavey sleeper he doesn't hear her.
If anyone has any tips on how to help me please let me know, Im willing to try anything for a good night sleep.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


So its a little later than I was hoping but my son has been poorly so I have been busy with him the last few days.
As usual I brought some sweets ready for trick of treaters incase we had some come while we was still in, We sadly only had two people come, So that ment lots of sweets for me to eat.
My oldest daughter went in a devil costume that we brought from tescos and she had a bucket for her sweets that had a skeleton on it which we got from asdas.
My son went as a skeleton and we got his costume also from tescos and he had the same sweet bucket as his sister.
And my youngest daughter went as a pumpkin the costume we had brought for our son when he was younger and that was from asda, She also had a mam halloween soother and a soother saver that had pumpkins on and that came from Mamas Dummy Clips
We was ment to be waiting for my husband to come home from work before we went out but my daughter was to excited so we went out a little earlier and met up with my husband when he came home.
When we are out trick or treating we always stick to a rule if theres no pumpkins of halloween decorations we wont knock, That way we wont be disturbing anyone that doesn't want to be part of halloween.
Both my oldest came home with a tescos carrier bag full of sweet each, They are now limited to two sweets from there bags a day.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Linwoods Milled and Blended Healthy Super Food Packs

I was sent a mini variety box of Linwoods healthy super food packs to try in each box you get 7x25g packs, These packs are perfect for making sure you get all the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, There very simple to use as in the mini variety box you get a choice of packs, perfect for every meal of the day.
They are very simple to use all you need to do is add a spoonful to your meal and your ready to go.
While I was trying them out I added them to all sorts of meals, Things like porridge, soup and even bolognase and the best bit about it was my kids didn't even know it was in there food so I knew they was getting all the goodness they need for the day.
You can buy The Variety pack and single packs of each one in the variety box and they are available from Holland and barrett,Julian Graves, Sainsburys, Waitrose and pharmacies across the uk, They retail around £5.00 a pack.
In my opinion they are well worth the money if you have fussy eaters and/or worried that you don't get enough vitamins.