Thursday, 3 November 2011


So its a little later than I was hoping but my son has been poorly so I have been busy with him the last few days.
As usual I brought some sweets ready for trick of treaters incase we had some come while we was still in, We sadly only had two people come, So that ment lots of sweets for me to eat.
My oldest daughter went in a devil costume that we brought from tescos and she had a bucket for her sweets that had a skeleton on it which we got from asdas.
My son went as a skeleton and we got his costume also from tescos and he had the same sweet bucket as his sister.
And my youngest daughter went as a pumpkin the costume we had brought for our son when he was younger and that was from asda, She also had a mam halloween soother and a soother saver that had pumpkins on and that came from Mamas Dummy Clips
We was ment to be waiting for my husband to come home from work before we went out but my daughter was to excited so we went out a little earlier and met up with my husband when he came home.
When we are out trick or treating we always stick to a rule if theres no pumpkins of halloween decorations we wont knock, That way we wont be disturbing anyone that doesn't want to be part of halloween.
Both my oldest came home with a tescos carrier bag full of sweet each, They are now limited to two sweets from there bags a day.

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