Saturday, 19 November 2011

So busy and tired

Wow I have been neglecting my blog a bit recently, I'm sorry to all my blog readers, But I'm back and will be updating regualy,
Theirs a few reasons as to why I haven't blogged much recently, The first one being that my nearly 7 month old is teething and waking lots at night due to that, So instead of blogging at night like I would normally be doing I have been relaxing and trying to build up energy for the next day.

The next reason is my girl is now on the move and due to having a messy son who likes to make mess everywhere I have practically been following him round with the hoover to make sure there is nothing that my girl can pick up and put in her mouth, I'm starting to think my hoover is going to go on strike soon.
The next reason as you can see from the photo is my oldest daughter has taken over my laptop to play Moshi monsters online and when shes playing I only even get the laptop for a few minutes every so often, I shouldn't complain though as she has finally found something she likes to collect and play with, meaning its easier for us to buy her presents.
And the final reason is my son, As he has to have regular eye checks they find it harder to check his eyes as he never knows whats on the pictures they show him so the hospital have given us home work to get him to be able to say all the pictures that appear on there flash cards.

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