Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Munchkin Towel

I was very lucky to be sent a My Munchkin Towel to review, When it arrived my first thought was wow this is soft, It came in its very own toweling bag to keep it in very handy if you want to take it away on holiday or even just to go swimming.

The towel is 100% organic cotton and anti allergenic, perfect for a newborns sensitive skin.
When it comes to bath time im always rushing round making sure I have a towel laid out ready to use and then carrying a wet baby around just to go wrap her in her towel, But with this towel I didnt need to do any of that, as this towel fastens round your neck so is there the moment you need it.

Its large enough to wrap the baby to keep them warm and be able to dry them, I found that my daughter who normally screams the place down even when shes out of the bath and in her towel, didnt mind this towel as she was close to me the moment she got out of the bath.

You can buy this towel in 3 colours, Pink, Blue and white they are all available from there website My Munchkin website
at the price of £24.99
They also have a Facebook page that you can visit here Facebook page

I was a bit worried that like any other towel I have owned that it would not keep its softness after washing, But I can safely say it does.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bepanthen Sun cream

Well I use Bepanthen Nappy cream and read about there sun cream so I got in touch and they kindly sent me some to try, It arrived just in time for the nice weather. My son suffers from eczema and I know that Bepanthen nappy cream doesnt affect it, So I felt happy applying this to him,

There sun cream contains no parabens, colours, fragrances or preservatives and its water resistant, The sun cream didnt leave a sticky feeling to the skin like others I have used in the past, My son spent most of the day out in the sun with the cream being reapplied as directed and hasnt had any affect from the sun, I will definitely be getting some more of this as its the only one i've tried that hasnt affected his eczema.

What a hot day

With the weather being so nice today, I decided to get the sand and water table cleaned up and fill it with water for my kids to play with, As we live in a flat we only have a shared garden and access to it is a bit of a pain, So the water table went on our balcony so I could keep an eye on my kids while I did other bits.

This kept the quiet for a very long time so I was able to put washing away and put some on to wash with out being bothered by them, My son soon decided he wanted to get into the water table and play so he took his nappie off and jumped in.
My 2 month old daughter didnt really seem fussed about the weather and even though it was very hot she still wanted to be swaddled so she could sleep. After having dinner we bathed the kids and there all snoring there heads off.

4Little1's Medicine dummy

I was given the chance to review the Medicine dummy and was over the moon, My daughter was born with a low birth weight so everyday we have to give her Folic acid, Iron and Multi vitamins, We have always had a job giving her them.

Before using the dummy we had to boil it for 5 mins and then it was ready to use, It was easy to put the medicine in and none dripped out.

As my daughter takes dummies normally we was wondering how she would take to this one as the teat is slightly firmer than a normal dummy, She took to it very well and it was easy getting her medicine into her without any spills.

After use you need to clean the dummy in warm soapy water and flush the teat, This was very easy to do, Its definitely a must have if you have any sort of medicine to give you children.
You can buy these online at there website 4Little1's
They also have a Facebook page that you can view here Facebook page

Friday, 24 June 2011

Beauty and the bib

The lovely people at Beauty and the bib sent me some bibs to review, When they arrived they was so neatly packaged coming in some nice red bags, Ideal to give as a gift for a friend or family member having a baby.

They sent me two different bibs one was a strawberry shape and the other was a star shape saying I love mummy.

The bibs are made from 100% cotton with a synthetic padding, When I used them on my daughter I noticed they were very good at soaking up any dribbled milk, When it came to washing them, they came up clean no problems and dried very quick perfect if you dont have a garden to dry washing in.

You can buy these bibs from there web site Beauty and the bib
They also have a Facebook page Facebook page

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vital baby Soothers and Cutlery set

I was kindly sent a pack of soothers for my daughter to try and a cutlery set for my son.

So I'll start with the cutlery set, my first thought was how chunky and easy to hold they looked perfect for a toddler, The handles have soft finger and thumb locators to help the baby learn how to hold them properly.
My son easy managed to feed himself using them.

I was a little concerned that the soft parts on the handles would get stained when washed up but that never happened, They are dishwasher and steriliser safe.

Now the soothers:
They came in a nice hard plastic case good to store them away, They have clip on covers to keep them clean when out and about. I like the idea of the soft touch shield and most have hard plastic and its nice to have something soft touching the babies skin, The teats are sharped orthodontic so good for babies growing teeth, I was surprised my daughter took to them strait away as shes used to the flat teats and they stayed in her mouth with no problems.

Overall the products from Vital baby are very well thought out and a great buy for kids.
You can buy there products online at Vital baby
You can also visit there Facebook page here Vital baby facebook page

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Teething Bling Necklace

I was Lucky enough to be sent a Teething Bling necklace from Smart Mum uk to test out on my son and review.

When it arrived it came nicely packaged in an organza bag with an information card about Teething Bling. When I saw picture of it, I thought they were made from hard plastic but in fact they are made from the same silicone as most teething toys.

I haven't worn any necklaces since my first daughter was born 5 years ago as I was to worried about them getting broken,So being able to wear a necklace thats safe for the baby to play with and that wont get broken must be every mums must have.

When I finally got to put the necklace one my son went strait for it and happily sat and chewed it before he decided he wanted to take it off of me and chew it somewhere else, Luckly the necklace has a breakaway clasp so after he pulled it he got it off. It took a very hard pull to get it off so I know I wont be loosing it in the street, It fitted very nicely in my sons hands and mouth, The only problem I have with it is I cant wear it for long as my son steals it, I think I will have to get another so he can have one and so can I.

Teething Bling can be washed in a dishwasher so easy to clean when your little one gets it all grubby. You can buy them in a wide varity of colours and you can even buy matching bangles, All colours can be found on there website
You can also find them on Facebook here

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Babble Bibs

I've always liked this style of bibs so I ordered some from Babble bibs to try, I chose 3 designs for my little girl.
There delivery was very quick I ordered them one day after 5pm and they turned up two days later.
The from fabric on these bibs are 100% cotton and the back is 100% spun polyester, They have two sets of poppers so you can adjust the size to what you require.
The problem I was having with my little girl at feeding times was she would dribble lots out the side of her mouth and it would go right under her chin with a normal bib but when she had this one on any milk that came out of her mouth got caught by the bib, I also tried one on my two year old son who likes to dribble a lot and it saved his clothes getting soaked.
You can view Babble Bibs whole range on designs here
Or  Visit there face book page here

Friday, 17 June 2011

Dino-Daisy Baltic amber teething jewellery

I had first herd of these when my friend brought one for her son and daughter, when I asked her what they was for she explained about the natural healing properties in amber, This got me interested as she swore by them working so I did a little research and came across Dino-Daisy. After speaking to a very nice lady from Dino-Daisy I was allowed to choose if I wanted an anklet or necklace so I choose necklace as I just knew my son wouldn't leave an anklet alone, When It arrived (Which was very quick delivery) I found a lovely information card and a bag that had my necklace in.

As soon as I had taken the photo I put in on my son, He really suffers when it comes to teething and he just happened to be getting one of his back teeth through when this came, As soon as it was on my son I could already see a difference in him as he was being a lot less whiny.
I was a little worried at first when I saw him pulling at it but as I looked closer at it I could see the beads all have a knot after them so if he was to somehow break it only one bead would come off.

Over all this is definitely a must have for any mum, If you want to purchase one or more information on them you can visit there site here: Or visit their Facebook page here:

Leap frog Twinkle twinkle little Scout

We brought this for my daughter and was very impressed with it, Theres a detachable comfort blanket for easy cleaning, When we first switched it on we thought it was a bit loud but then found out you can have a lower volume on it.

When we put our daughter down for her nap we set it to 20 minutes of lullabies (you can also have 10 mins and nature sounds) as the music is playing there is a little moon that lights up with in the 20 mins our daughter was fast asleep, I have to say it even makes me feel sleepy listening to it,

There is also another setting on it, That plays music and has things like can you find scouts ears.
The blanket that comes with it is made from a very soft fleece.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Baba+Boo Washable nappies

I first started useing thease when a friend told me about them so I went and brought some, I only brought 5 to start with and now I have 25 soon to be more.
There very easy to use even my husband has no problems putting them on my two youngest children, There from birth to potty so they have various poppers on them to fit the size you need,
When you buy them they come with 2 inserts one for a booster for heavey wetting children with both inserts in them my boy thats 2 gets 4-5 hours wear out of them, They are quick drying and I wash them one day and the next they are ready to use again, You can get them in a wide range of designs and colours and they even do a special try a nappie and if your not happy they will give you 70% of your money back on the return of your nappie, Details can be found here