Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vital baby Soothers and Cutlery set

I was kindly sent a pack of soothers for my daughter to try and a cutlery set for my son.

So I'll start with the cutlery set, my first thought was how chunky and easy to hold they looked perfect for a toddler, The handles have soft finger and thumb locators to help the baby learn how to hold them properly.
My son easy managed to feed himself using them.

I was a little concerned that the soft parts on the handles would get stained when washed up but that never happened, They are dishwasher and steriliser safe.

Now the soothers:
They came in a nice hard plastic case good to store them away, They have clip on covers to keep them clean when out and about. I like the idea of the soft touch shield and most have hard plastic and its nice to have something soft touching the babies skin, The teats are sharped orthodontic so good for babies growing teeth, I was surprised my daughter took to them strait away as shes used to the flat teats and they stayed in her mouth with no problems.

Overall the products from Vital baby are very well thought out and a great buy for kids.
You can buy there products online at Vital baby
You can also visit there Facebook page here Vital baby facebook page

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