Sunday, 19 June 2011

Babble Bibs

I've always liked this style of bibs so I ordered some from Babble bibs to try, I chose 3 designs for my little girl.
There delivery was very quick I ordered them one day after 5pm and they turned up two days later.
The from fabric on these bibs are 100% cotton and the back is 100% spun polyester, They have two sets of poppers so you can adjust the size to what you require.
The problem I was having with my little girl at feeding times was she would dribble lots out the side of her mouth and it would go right under her chin with a normal bib but when she had this one on any milk that came out of her mouth got caught by the bib, I also tried one on my two year old son who likes to dribble a lot and it saved his clothes getting soaked.
You can view Babble Bibs whole range on designs here
Or  Visit there face book page here

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