Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Munchkin Towel

I was very lucky to be sent a My Munchkin Towel to review, When it arrived my first thought was wow this is soft, It came in its very own toweling bag to keep it in very handy if you want to take it away on holiday or even just to go swimming.

The towel is 100% organic cotton and anti allergenic, perfect for a newborns sensitive skin.
When it comes to bath time im always rushing round making sure I have a towel laid out ready to use and then carrying a wet baby around just to go wrap her in her towel, But with this towel I didnt need to do any of that, as this towel fastens round your neck so is there the moment you need it.

Its large enough to wrap the baby to keep them warm and be able to dry them, I found that my daughter who normally screams the place down even when shes out of the bath and in her towel, didnt mind this towel as she was close to me the moment she got out of the bath.

You can buy this towel in 3 colours, Pink, Blue and white they are all available from there website My Munchkin website
at the price of £24.99
They also have a Facebook page that you can visit here Facebook page

I was a bit worried that like any other towel I have owned that it would not keep its softness after washing, But I can safely say it does.

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