Friday, 17 June 2011

Dino-Daisy Baltic amber teething jewellery

I had first herd of these when my friend brought one for her son and daughter, when I asked her what they was for she explained about the natural healing properties in amber, This got me interested as she swore by them working so I did a little research and came across Dino-Daisy. After speaking to a very nice lady from Dino-Daisy I was allowed to choose if I wanted an anklet or necklace so I choose necklace as I just knew my son wouldn't leave an anklet alone, When It arrived (Which was very quick delivery) I found a lovely information card and a bag that had my necklace in.

As soon as I had taken the photo I put in on my son, He really suffers when it comes to teething and he just happened to be getting one of his back teeth through when this came, As soon as it was on my son I could already see a difference in him as he was being a lot less whiny.
I was a little worried at first when I saw him pulling at it but as I looked closer at it I could see the beads all have a knot after them so if he was to somehow break it only one bead would come off.

Over all this is definitely a must have for any mum, If you want to purchase one or more information on them you can visit there site here: Or visit their Facebook page here:

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