Friday, 30 September 2011

Bright Starts, Rock in the park Rocker

I was sent this Bright starts Rocker to review, When it arrived I could tell right away that it needed putting together, So when I opened the box it was nice to see clear instructions one how to put it together although it was really simple I didn't really use them.

This rocker takes one C size battery for a soothing function, It also has a stand to stop the rocking action and you can adjust the position of the seat as its suitable from birth right through to toddler age, So when I tested it I used it for my son and daughter, My daughter loves the toys hanging from the bar that goes across it.
And the soothing function stopped her crying and helped her go off to sleep.
When its used for a toddler you remove the toy bar, put the stand up and position the seat into the up right position, My son loved it as it made him feel like a grown up having a seat of his own to sit in.
I really like this rocker as its good right through to todlers and it has really nice bright colours, This rocker is only just being launched in the uk and You can buy one from Mothercare, Tescos,Amazon and soon to be avalible from boots you can also visit there facebook page here


  1. fab seat i like things that grow with you child as you get more use out of them

  2. love the way this grows with ur child. Alyce xxx

  3. This is so much better than the 1 I brought that only lasted a couple of months.

  4. dont know of any seat that can use for this long, brilliant idea. x

  5. its beautiful and would fit my 2 in perfectly

  6. This looks lovely, so colourful for baby x x