Thursday, 15 September 2011


I was asked by Scooterearz if I would like to review their Scooterearz, I jumped at the chance as a mum I don't drive and my daughters always complaining about walking, So now she can go on her scooter without getting cold hands.

Scooterearz are weatherproof Gloves that fit onto the handles of all scooters and are lined with bright fun fur colours, I have to admit I put my hands in them and now I want some for my pushchair, They feel very soft on your hands my daughter loves the feel of them and we had trouble getting her off her scooter.
They are designed so you can easily get your hands out quick and are very easy to take off and put on your scooter.
This is a must have now the weather is getting colder and it means you can still keep your kids active.

To find out more about Scooterearz you can visit there website here
Also Visit there facebook page here
They are due to be released in autumn 2011 so not long to wait now if you want to get your hands on a pair

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