Sunday, 18 September 2011

Dotty bots cloth nappy

Dotty bots cloth nappies are made up of 3 layers, The 1st layer is Microfibre or bamboo depending on what nappy you go for, The second layer is a terry toweling/bamboo fleece soaker and the 3rd layer is 100% waterproof and breathable polyurethane laminate outer to protect baby's cloths from moisture.

All dotty bots nappies come with 2 inserts one large and a slightly smaller bamboo super booster, All dotty bots bamboo nappies come with 2 slim line but highly absorbent bamboo inserts.

I'm a huge cloth nappy fan and must own about 40 by now, All from the same company as im to scared to buy different companies ones to try, But I'm very impressed with the dotty bots nappy that im very tempted to buy more, I got to chose what one I wanted to review so I went for one of the bamboo nappies, I have only ever used bamboo inserts so this was much different to the ones I use.

The fit was perfect for my girl as there was plenty of poppers to adjust the size to what fits best, The next test I did was to see how absorbent it was, Knowing bamboo is more absorbent I knew I should get a fair while out of it, but in the end after 4 hours I thought I best change it and to my surprise just touching the part of the nappy thats on your babies bottom it was dry, I then took the inserts out to see how they were and they were heavey but didn't feel soaked to the touch, So the nappy past the dryness test.

The next test was washing the nappy lucky for me washing it was the same as how I was my others so I put it in the machine and set the temp to 30, When the nappy was washed a I put it on my airer to dry like I do with mt others, The nappy and inserts took a little longer than my others to dry but bamboo does take longer to dry from my experience with using bamboo inserts in my other nappies.
If you would like to buy some for your self you can do so here
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