Monday, 5 September 2011

Oh what an easy week I have (NOT)

So my daughter goes back to school this week, So I've had to try and get my kids back into there sleeping routine they had before school broke up, Not an easy task I got my kids up at 7:30am 30 minutes later than they would be up on a school day and my daughter was moaning she was tired.
Its been a long day today constant moaning shes tired but I have put her to bed at the time she was going before the school holidays and shes asleep.
But still your probably wondering why I think I don't have an easy week, So read on and you will see.

On to my son he has decided that he wants to start using the potty and toilet so potty training has begun, The problem we have is the potty we have wouldn't stop his wee from going everywhere so we have be searching long and hard for a potty that will do the trick, We are yet to find one, So far my boy hasn't done any wees but he has done one poo on his potty and a poo on the big toilet, He has clearly been watching his sister use the toilet as he holds onto the seat to stop him falling down.

Now onto my youngest daughter.

Now my little girl is teething shes not in pain and I think its because of her baltic amber teething necklace, but she is dribbling loads and going through no end of bibs so I think I will have to buy some more sometime soon, To top it off shes showing all the signs that shes ready for weaning, Now the fun begins.

Why does all this happen at the same time It would have been much easier if only one thing happened at a time but then thats life and we have to take everything thats thrown at us.

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