Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bigsby The Interactive Story Buddy From Hallmark

I was really lucky to get the chance to review Bigsby the interactive story buddy as soon as I got it out of the box I just knew my son would love it and I was right, Bigsby hasn't left his side since he arrived here.

Bigsby comes with one book and as you read the story there is parts highlighted in read and provided you read them clearly and there isn't much background noise Bigsby will react and say something in response to what you said, There is also another two books that you can buy seperately for just £5.99 each.

If you have an Ipad you can also download a free app where it will read the book for you and there is also two games for your children to play, My son has really enjoyed doing the jigsaws on it and just having the book read to him while I'm busy doing something else.

In my eyes I would definately say Bigsby is worth £19.99, Hallmark don't only do Bigsby they do other story buddies too and you can find them all here

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Daddy I,m A Zombie DVD

With Halloween coming up, I normaly like to get my kids a Halloween type of film, This year I was lucky and got asked to review one, Now I had never herd of Daddy I,m a zombie before but I did a quick search on the internet and found some information and pictures of it, My first thought was that the animation reminded me of Tim burton and being a great fan of him I couldn't wait for it to arrive.

The DVD arrived while my son who's 3 was a preschool so I decided to wait for him to come home so we could watch it together, The film is PG rated this is why I watched it with my son first, In case it was a little to gruesome for my 6 year old.
So me and my son sat down to watch it and both of us were glued to the tv, Now my son tends to just watch something for 5-10 minutes then goes off to do something else, But through the whole film he stayed put, In fact the DVD was enjoyed that much that in the same day it was played 5 times and it is now permanently on in there bedroom.
I didn't feel the film was at all gruesome so when my daughter came home from school I let her watch it and she told me she loved it.

The film is about a girl that wakes up as a zombie and to find her way back home she has to defeat a evil witch with the help of some new zombie friends.

The DVD is by Lionsgate and is available to buy from 1st October 2012 and the RRP is £6.99 in my view this is a very good price for such a great film.

Friday, 19 October 2012

4 Little 1 Baby nose-clear room vapour

My two youngest have had a cold for the last couple of weeks and what perfect timing for an email to arrive asking if I would like to review some 4 little 1 baby nose-clear room vapour.
I had been having a tough few nights with my two little ones waking every hour or so because they were all blocked up, Luckly for me the room vapour arrived a few days later and when I read the packet I saw it could be used in the 4 little 1 inhaler dummy, Lucky for me we had one so I popped a few drops in and gave it to my daughter, As my son doesn't use dummys any more I did the other option on the packet and that was to add a few drops to a damp flannel hung over the radiator.

That night I was still expecting my kids to wake me up but when I did wake it wasn't to the sound of my children crying it was to the sound of my alarm clock.
So a big thumbs up from me and my children.

The room vapour is suitable from birth and 100% natural if you would like to buy some you can do so from here
You can also find 4 little 1 on facebook and you can do so from here.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Halloween with Aldi

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I always like to go all out with decorations,costumes and treats for the kids, The sad thing is though since we have moved house we don't get many children knocking on the door, But that doesn't stop me and I still spend a small fortune on bits, But this year I was sent some facepaints and Halloween cupcake kit from Aldi to try out.

Now I I'm not the most artistic person but I did give the facepaints a try but only on my daughters hand as in the past we have had trouble getting facepaints off her but this wasn't the case with these ones in the end, Just a simple bit of soap and water and off it came, You can buy these facepaints from Aldi stores for the price of £1.99.

The cupcake kit was really simple to do all you need to add is 110g of butter and 2 eggs, Plus a little water for the icing, Once the cakes were cooked and cooled the fun part was here decorating, Now in the pack you get some ghost shape sugar sprinkles, orange icing powder and black writing icing, Plenty to get nice and creative with.
The cakes didn't last long in my house once they were decorated and I didn't even get the chance to try one but my kids have told me they were very yummy.

Aldi currently have other Halloween bits for sale too and they include things like costumes for £3.99 each in sizes 3-8 years, Window stickers for £1.59, Halloween lawn signs for £1.29, Bat cookie kit for £1.59 and some yummy looking Halloween figure chocolate for 99p, these are all on sale from 4th October until stocks last so be quick if you want to grab a bargain.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

ClaireaBella polo jute bag from Toxicfox

I'm sure you have all seen celebs in magazines carrying these bags around and if your like me have also wanted one, Well when I was contacted by Toxifox to see if I would like to review one, I was really excited for it to arrive.

I have never managed to find a bag that looks nice and that will hang on my pushchair with no problems so everything I would carry around with me was either in my pockets or sitting in the hood of my pushchair, Until my bag arrived its the perfect size for my keys, purse, phone and some little treats for my kids, Since it arrived it has gone everywhere I have.

When you order your bag it can take up to 15 working days to be ready and thats because its made to how you want and everything is done by hand, Its really simple to order too, You get to choose what text you want, hairstyle, haircolour, dress colour, eye colour and skin colour, They all come with an elegant bow and a hand made with love charm, plus some Swarovski Elements and plenty of glitter.

And whats more they are really eye catching and get peoples heads turning all the time, If you would like to order one you can do from here they also do other size bags too so you can get one for every occasion.

Thursday, 4 October 2012


I've always wanted a nice freshly cleaned smell around my home, But unfortunately thats never happened no matter what cleaning product I have tried, But then I was offered some Zoflora to review and when it arrived I couldn't wait to try it out, The day I tested it out my husband did the school run for me so I stayed at home and cleaned, I simply filled the sink with hot water and put one cap full of Zoflora in and started cleaning the work surfaces and cupboards,

When my husband came home from the school run he said he could smell the Zoflora as soon as he walked through the door, To me that was a result, It was soon time to go get my son from preschool so we all went and as soon as we came home I was hit with the smell of Zoflora, After a spot of lunch we went shopping and we when came home again the smell of Zoflora, Now the box really isn't lying when it says all day freshness.

The next time I used it I mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors with it, And was pleased with the all day freshness once again, Not only does Zoflora have a great smell but it also kills 99.9% of bacteria and Viruses.

Now the bottle might be small but you really do get a lot for your money as a 56ml bottle makes 2.2 litres of full strength disnfectant, perfect for saving space in your cupboards.

I have seen this to buy in normal supermarkets and I have also gone out and brought a few more bottles of different scents as I was that impressed with it.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Baking with Aldi

As a lot of my readers will already know I have recently got into cake making and decorating, So when Aldi asked if I wanted to try out some of there baking range I couldn't wait.
When my parcel arrived I was very excited and got baking right away, The first thing I made was a Madeira cake, It was so easy all you needed to do was add water and oil to the mix and then it was ready to cook 50 minutes later and I had a very yummy Madeira cake.
The Madeira cake can be made either by hand or in a bread maker and you can by it for £1.49 and not only is it a great price but you can also get it in ginger, carrot and chocolate fudge flavour.

The next thing I cooked was the bread, Now I always used to make my own bread in a bread maker but then that packed in so I started doing it by hand but found it to much of a pain, That was until I tried the bread mix from Aldi, I was surprised at how quick and easy it was, You only needed to add lukewarm water and then it was ready to mix and then knead and stretch for just 2 minutes and then leave it to rise for 30-40 minutes before you put it in the oven to cook for 30 minutes, This is definately the quickest bread I have ever made. You can buy the bread mix for just 79p.

After making the bread I got started on an apple pie, I'm not a huge fan of apple pie but this pie filling from Aldi tasted so nice I even ate seconds, What was even better was how quick it was to make, Now I made my own pastry but you can buy some ready to roll pastry from Aldi for just 99p and the apple pie filling only costs 99p too so you can have a really nice cheap desert for all the family to enjoy.

And last but not least I got stuck in with the Marzipan, ready to roll icing and coco powder, I decided to use these all on one cake, The coco powder I added to butter icing I made to put on top of a cake and then I rolled some marzipan and icing and cut out some shapes to place on top of the cake, It really added some extra tastes to the cake that all the family enjoyed, You can buy the ready to roll icing for £1.39, the coco powder £1.99, Sadly I don't have a price for the Marzipan but I'm sure it wont cost that much.

All these Items are available from 20th September until stocks last and I really can't see that being to long, As after trying out all of these I popped into my local Aldi's and stocked up on lots more.