Friday, 19 October 2012

4 Little 1 Baby nose-clear room vapour

My two youngest have had a cold for the last couple of weeks and what perfect timing for an email to arrive asking if I would like to review some 4 little 1 baby nose-clear room vapour.
I had been having a tough few nights with my two little ones waking every hour or so because they were all blocked up, Luckly for me the room vapour arrived a few days later and when I read the packet I saw it could be used in the 4 little 1 inhaler dummy, Lucky for me we had one so I popped a few drops in and gave it to my daughter, As my son doesn't use dummys any more I did the other option on the packet and that was to add a few drops to a damp flannel hung over the radiator.

That night I was still expecting my kids to wake me up but when I did wake it wasn't to the sound of my children crying it was to the sound of my alarm clock.
So a big thumbs up from me and my children.

The room vapour is suitable from birth and 100% natural if you would like to buy some you can do so from here
You can also find 4 little 1 on facebook and you can do so from here.

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