Friday, 30 November 2012

Another visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital

So today my son had yet another Hospital appointment for his eyes, We thought his last perscription was working but we was hit with some bad news, My sons lense has dropped right down in his eye and now they have to opperate to remove it as it can cause damage to other parts of his eye if left there.

We have been told that we will be called in to see them in early February so they can check to see how his eyes are still and then they will go through with us exactly what they are going to do in the operation and after that our son will be having his operation late February.

At the moment my sons glasses perscription is -14 right eye and -14 left eye but his new perscription is compeatly different its now +15 right eye and -20 left eye so until he gets his new glasses he wont be able to see anything in his right eye, I'm just hopeing its not going to cause him to much trouble the way it is at the moment.

Gummybear, The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa

The lovely people from Lionsgate sent me the new Gummybear DVD to review we was also sent a bear jelly mold and some lime jelly so we could make are own Gummybear, My kids were very excited to see the new DVD sitting on the table when they came home and we quickly put it on to watch.

We was all glued to the TV well apart from when there was any music at that point my kids got up to dance to the music, This DVD got a big thumbs up from us all and it hasn't left the DVD player since.
The film is about Gummybear and his friends on the search for Santa the film also include Gummybears hit song I Am A Gummybear, Also on the DVD as an extra are a few of Gummybears songs which have also been a big hit with my children.
The DVD cost £9.99 and was released on 8th October.

A few Gummybear facts I was sent along with the DVD

Over 1.5 billion video views on Youtube to date ( To find it just search the gummy bear song)

3 million video views per day on average

The Gummybear song has been reposted on Youtube over 12,900 times.

There are over 110,000 subscribers to the Gummybear Youtube channel.

The Gummybear facebook page has over 22,000 likes and can be found here

Gummybear has over 42,000 friends on Myspace

Gummybear is one of the top 5 Youtube music artists alongside the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Merry Stickmas

My daughter loves to do craft things so when i was given the chance to try out Merry Stickmas Cristmas cards set I couldn't wait for them to arrive, The kits comes with everything you need to make 12 Christmas cards, Each kit contains 12 cards and envelopes and sticker sheets for you to use to create your pictures on the cards.

My daughter was kept busy for over an hour making her cards and if I do say so myself she did a really good job, I think this card kit is a great way to get your children to add a personal touch to there Christmas cards and well worth the price of £6 with free postage and packaging, If you would like to buy your own set of Merry Stickmas then you can do so from here

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

She's growing up

For the last few weeks my youngest has been a complete nightmare at bed times, we would put her Down to sleep in her cot and the moment we would leave the room she would scream her head off.

Me and my husband were at a loss on what was wrong with her till today when we thought we might as well turn her cot in to a bed, we figured she's not sleeping well at night anyway so we might as well try her in a big girls bed.

My husband spent the morning changing the cot into a bed while I entertained our little girl as soon as my husband was finished we let her in her room and the first thing she did was jump on her bed,
she absolutely loves having the bed how it is and being able to get in and out when ever she wants.

Well tonight she went to bed at 6 like normal and at 6:30 I went to check on her and she was fast asleep, I couldn't be leave it after weeks of hardly any sleep for me and my husband and all we needed to do was a simple thing.
I'm sad in a way as she will be my last baby and now she's growing up I just wish hey could stay babies for a little longer.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cbeebies The Album

Like most kids my son loves Cbeebies and all ways dances to the songs on the shows, Now we don't even have to have Cbeebies on the TV for him to do that and the best bit is with the album he can replay his favorite song again and again, Not a good thing for me but he loves it.

The Cbeebies album has two cds full of all the well known songs 50 songs to be exact for example In the night garden, Everythings Rosie and Mike the knight plus many more there is even 10 songs that the presenters sing these include some of the songs I'm sure you have all herd again and again for example Summer song, Goodbye sun hello moon.

My sons favorite song at the moment is Tree Fu Tom it has been played so much in the last week I think I know all the words to it, Even MY 18 month old daughter has been dancing away to the songs although she did get very moody when Waybuloo came on and she couldn't see it on the TV.

I was given this copy for review but if I wasn't given a copy I would definitely have brought a copy as not only does it keep the kids entertained during the day at home but it even keeps them quiet in the car.

The Cbeebies album is available nationwide and through online music retailers now

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Two Weeks On The Jenny Craig Diet

After having my kids I have never gone back to the size I was before having them, admittedly I'm only one size bigger but going from a size 10 to a 12 has made me feel less confident and I wanted to change that, I've been on diets before but none have ever been like this one, I received a big box of two weeks worth of food and a lovely meal planner so I had to stick with what I ate along with the food you also get weekly consultations,
I had my first one on the day I started the diet but unfortunately it the person I should have been having them with was on holiday, I never got my second call as I had missed placed my phone but I did get an email to arrange another time and I replied but never got anything back from that, Which to me was a let down.

I'm not a breakfast eater so when I ate the breakfasts I found my self really full and not eating the piece of fruit they request you have with it, After a week I started to get fed up with the breakfast as there wasn't really much choice for breakfast, But they were full of flavour.

For lunches you had a pretty big choice on offer most of them I found filled me up along with the saled they request you have as well but I found some of the soups were leaving me hungry and wanting more food which I knew I couldn't have and on these days I really struggled, But again these were all full of flavour.

Now the dinners had to be the best meals from the Jenny Craig diet as there was much more to choose from and you could add as many free veg as you liked so I found myself eating more veg than the portion size of the Jenny Craig food.

Inbetween each meal you could have a snack and you could choose from a long list of things to have some days I found myself missing a snack out as I felt to full still.
Now the big question is does it work, Yes it does I lost 6lb in total, But I wont be carrying on as its just to much money for my budget.
If you would like to find out more about the Jenny Craig diet you can do so here

Music For Kids Princess Recorder

My daughter had been going on about learning a musical instrument for some time, In all fairness she really wanted a violin but I have told her there is no way we could ever afford to buy one, But when I got the chance to review the princess recorded she got all excited that finally she could learn an instrument.

The princess recorder pack comes with everything you need to start learning to play, You get a good quality recorder, a carry bag, cleaning rod, stickers to decorate your recorder and a tutor book and CD to help you get playing.

I used to play the recorder when I was younger so still knew a little about how to play but when I looked at the tutor book it brought it all back to me, I got my daughter to copy what was shown in the book on how to hold the recorder and which notes to play and now she can play Twinkle twinkle little star.
She has been playing it non stop since it arrived and I struggle to get her to put it down to give my ears a rest.

you can find out more about music for kids on there website here