Thursday, 1 November 2012

Two Weeks On The Jenny Craig Diet

After having my kids I have never gone back to the size I was before having them, admittedly I'm only one size bigger but going from a size 10 to a 12 has made me feel less confident and I wanted to change that, I've been on diets before but none have ever been like this one, I received a big box of two weeks worth of food and a lovely meal planner so I had to stick with what I ate along with the food you also get weekly consultations,
I had my first one on the day I started the diet but unfortunately it the person I should have been having them with was on holiday, I never got my second call as I had missed placed my phone but I did get an email to arrange another time and I replied but never got anything back from that, Which to me was a let down.

I'm not a breakfast eater so when I ate the breakfasts I found my self really full and not eating the piece of fruit they request you have with it, After a week I started to get fed up with the breakfast as there wasn't really much choice for breakfast, But they were full of flavour.

For lunches you had a pretty big choice on offer most of them I found filled me up along with the saled they request you have as well but I found some of the soups were leaving me hungry and wanting more food which I knew I couldn't have and on these days I really struggled, But again these were all full of flavour.

Now the dinners had to be the best meals from the Jenny Craig diet as there was much more to choose from and you could add as many free veg as you liked so I found myself eating more veg than the portion size of the Jenny Craig food.

Inbetween each meal you could have a snack and you could choose from a long list of things to have some days I found myself missing a snack out as I felt to full still.
Now the big question is does it work, Yes it does I lost 6lb in total, But I wont be carrying on as its just to much money for my budget.
If you would like to find out more about the Jenny Craig diet you can do so here

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