Sunday, 30 October 2011

Silent Sunday

Monday, 24 October 2011

Dry like me

I was sent some Dry like me to try out on my son who's potty training, With these pads your child can wear there own underwear while still keeping dry, We have only really used had to use these when we have taken my son to his hospital appointments as we don't want him to get back into the habit of wearing a nappy again.
The pads are simple to apply you just peal off the backing to reveal a sticky side that attaches to the underwear, You can use two pads each time one for the front and one at the back you don't have to use two pads everytime, But it gave me that extra piece of mind as my son doesn't tell us when he needs to go we just have to ask him all the time.
If you would like to find out more about them you can visit there website here
You can buy these dry like me from most supermarkets and I have found them in the nappy isles.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Eddingtons Christmas tree decoration kit

I was sent this set to try out with my daughter, And as my daughter wanted to put what she made on the christmas tree, We decided to use salt dough instead of making cookies with it, The kit contains 5 stainless steal Christmas tree shaped cutters, ribbon and a cutter to make the holes for the ribbon to go through.
After my daughter cut the tree shapes out I used the hole cutter as its a little small and I thought it might be a little fiddly for her to do, so when the trees we cut out and the holes put in we left them to dry, When they were dry my daughter got the job of painting them and I got the job of putting the ribbon on them, You get a lot of ribbon in the pack so you can make plenty of Cookies for your tree.
If you would like to buy these cookie cutters you can do so from here

Eddingtons Pancake pen

I was sent this pancake pen to review from Eddingtons, If your like me pancakes are not just for pancake day then this would be great for you, I couldn't wait to try this out, I'm not normally one to measure out pancake mixture but with this pen there is measurements on the bottle to make it easy for you, The nozzle on the pen is heat resistant so its ok if you should touch the pan with it,

I made the batter mix up in the pen and gave it a good shake to make sure it was mixed very well, Once that was done I was ready to test it out, I'm not very creative so I just stuck to shapes and letters, It was very easy to get the batter out of the pen,

The pancake pen is very easy to clean out as both the top and bottom of the pen unscrew to make it easy to clean, It can also be washed in a dishwasher.
If you would like to buy this pancake pen you can do so from here and it costs £8.99

Silent Sunday

Friday, 14 October 2011

Competition winner of the Bright Starts, Rock in the park Rocker

Thank you everyone that entered, There was a record number of entries in this competition and I can now tell you the winner is...........................................

Congratulations Roxanne Eden, Please can you send your address details to

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Fabulous Bakin Boys Limited Edition Spooky Cupcakes

I was sent a box of 6 Fabulous bakin boys spooky cupcakes to review, The flavour I was sent was Blackcurrant and apple flavour, The sponge was apple and the icing was blackcurrant, We all tried a cupcake and normally my daughter will only ever eat icing from a cupcake but this she ate the whole thing and told me that she wanted more, We all enjoyed eating them, The sponge was really nice a moist and doesn't dry your mouth out like some cakes I have tried.
Each cupcake cup individually wrap and on each wrapper there was a trick to perform while eating your cake, There a perfect treat for halloween, We enjoyed them that much that we had to go out and buy another pack.
If you would like to find out more about the other fantastic cakes they make you can do so from here

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dylon's Colour Catcher

I was asked to try out Dylon colour catcher, I have seen these advertise on TV before but always thought they wouldn't work, So when I was asked I couldn't wait to put them to the challenge.

The colour catcher is a little sheet that prevents colour runs, It acts like a magnet by trapping any loose dye and dirt in the wash, The box contains 24 sheets and you only need one sheet per wash.

So I was ready to put it to the test I sorted a load of washing out and slipped in a few things that I would normally not wash with jeans, So I placed the colour catcher in the back of the drum before I put the washing in and set it to wash on the normal cycle I would use, When it was finished I searched through the washing expecting to see The white T-shirt looking all grey and horrible, But what I found I really wasn't expecting.
The white T-shirt came out the same colour it went in and the colour catcher came out looking all grubby, So that was me proved wrong, Since that wash I have gone on to do a few more washes and they have all been mixed washes and every time the clothes have come out looking the same colour as when they went in.
Now I have been proved wrong I will definitely be buying some more as they have saved me time and I haven't had to wait for a full load of dark washing.
You can find out more about Dylon from here
And if you want to give them a try you can get them from all supermarkets.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Baby Zilli Organic baby food

Baby zilli is an organic baby food range from celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, There food doesn't contain any preservatives, No artificial additives, no E numbers, no added salts or sugars, So you know your baby is getting nothing but the best.
I was sent 4 different pouches to try out on my daughter, Perfect timing as we have just started weaning and I only want the best for my daughter.

This one was Aldo's fruity punch, which contains Pears, Apples and Bananas, This one went down really well with my daughter, That well that she cried when we had run out.
This one was Tasty Veggie Blend and this one contains Sweet potato, Butternut squash and Broccoli, I was a little worried my daughter wouldn't like this one as I had started her off on a sweet one, But she surprised me and ate the whole bowl.
This one is Zilli Greens, And this one contains Spinach, Peas and Pear and again this one went down really well with my daughter.
This one was Blueberry Blast containing Blueberries, Apples and Bananas another one that has gone down very well with my daughter and I must say I had a little try of this one as I couldn't resist the smell, It tasted so nice,
These are very easy to store as there smaller than the jars you can buy from other brands so these don't take up much room at all, They are also very easy to warm up as you just stand the pouch in hot water, then squeeze the contents into a bowl and stir making sure its not to hot.
These will be something we buy again as its always nice to find a food that your children will happily eat.
If you want to find out more information about them or even buy some to try on your little one you can do so from here
Also you can find out lots of there latest offers on there facebook page and that can be found here

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hot weather in October?

So the start of October has been very weird, Its starting to confuse me a bit, But I have been making the most of this nice hot weather, All my washing has been washed and dried, As we live in a flat we have a shared garden with no washing lines so last year I brought a camping roatery washing line that I have to take in and bring out everytime I need it so most days I just dry my washing on my balcony, As I find it hard getting my washing line, Washing, Pegs and my two youngest out to the garden, But with my husband at home on the week end I managed to get the washing in the garden.
And for some strange reason when its hot outside I all ways feel the need to clean my flat from top to bottom so I have spent all of Sunday cleaning.
While the weather has been so nice I took the time to get my oldest daughter (5 years old) to ride her bike with out the staberlizers, With a bit of bribery (A new zooble) she cracked it.

So every night while the weather has been nice, My husband has stayed in to look after our other two while I take my daughter out to get a bit more practice now shes speeding off and has only fallen off once, Even then she got back up and strait back on her bike, Im such a proud mummy right now.
with my daughter riding her bike and my son getting better on his potty, Im now waiting to see what my youngest daughter will do to make me proud.

Silent Sunday