Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hot weather in October?

So the start of October has been very weird, Its starting to confuse me a bit, But I have been making the most of this nice hot weather, All my washing has been washed and dried, As we live in a flat we have a shared garden with no washing lines so last year I brought a camping roatery washing line that I have to take in and bring out everytime I need it so most days I just dry my washing on my balcony, As I find it hard getting my washing line, Washing, Pegs and my two youngest out to the garden, But with my husband at home on the week end I managed to get the washing in the garden.
And for some strange reason when its hot outside I all ways feel the need to clean my flat from top to bottom so I have spent all of Sunday cleaning.
While the weather has been so nice I took the time to get my oldest daughter (5 years old) to ride her bike with out the staberlizers, With a bit of bribery (A new zooble) she cracked it.

So every night while the weather has been nice, My husband has stayed in to look after our other two while I take my daughter out to get a bit more practice now shes speeding off and has only fallen off once, Even then she got back up and strait back on her bike, Im such a proud mummy right now.
with my daughter riding her bike and my son getting better on his potty, Im now waiting to see what my youngest daughter will do to make me proud.

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