Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dylon's Colour Catcher

I was asked to try out Dylon colour catcher, I have seen these advertise on TV before but always thought they wouldn't work, So when I was asked I couldn't wait to put them to the challenge.

The colour catcher is a little sheet that prevents colour runs, It acts like a magnet by trapping any loose dye and dirt in the wash, The box contains 24 sheets and you only need one sheet per wash.

So I was ready to put it to the test I sorted a load of washing out and slipped in a few things that I would normally not wash with jeans, So I placed the colour catcher in the back of the drum before I put the washing in and set it to wash on the normal cycle I would use, When it was finished I searched through the washing expecting to see The white T-shirt looking all grey and horrible, But what I found I really wasn't expecting.
The white T-shirt came out the same colour it went in and the colour catcher came out looking all grubby, So that was me proved wrong, Since that wash I have gone on to do a few more washes and they have all been mixed washes and every time the clothes have come out looking the same colour as when they went in.
Now I have been proved wrong I will definitely be buying some more as they have saved me time and I haven't had to wait for a full load of dark washing.
You can find out more about Dylon from here
And if you want to give them a try you can get them from all supermarkets.

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