Monday, 10 October 2011

Baby Zilli Organic baby food

Baby zilli is an organic baby food range from celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, There food doesn't contain any preservatives, No artificial additives, no E numbers, no added salts or sugars, So you know your baby is getting nothing but the best.
I was sent 4 different pouches to try out on my daughter, Perfect timing as we have just started weaning and I only want the best for my daughter.

This one was Aldo's fruity punch, which contains Pears, Apples and Bananas, This one went down really well with my daughter, That well that she cried when we had run out.
This one was Tasty Veggie Blend and this one contains Sweet potato, Butternut squash and Broccoli, I was a little worried my daughter wouldn't like this one as I had started her off on a sweet one, But she surprised me and ate the whole bowl.
This one is Zilli Greens, And this one contains Spinach, Peas and Pear and again this one went down really well with my daughter.
This one was Blueberry Blast containing Blueberries, Apples and Bananas another one that has gone down very well with my daughter and I must say I had a little try of this one as I couldn't resist the smell, It tasted so nice,
These are very easy to store as there smaller than the jars you can buy from other brands so these don't take up much room at all, They are also very easy to warm up as you just stand the pouch in hot water, then squeeze the contents into a bowl and stir making sure its not to hot.
These will be something we buy again as its always nice to find a food that your children will happily eat.
If you want to find out more information about them or even buy some to try on your little one you can do so from here
Also you can find out lots of there latest offers on there facebook page and that can be found here

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