Thursday, 14 March 2013

MAM Perfect Soother 12+

You might remember my review for the MAM perfect soother, If you can't it can be found here, The MAM perfect soother 12+ has a bigger teat more suited for older babies and toddlers.

It took a little while for my daughter to get used to using her new 12+ perfect soother but once she was finally used to it, Its the only one she will now take and it travels everywhere with her.
If you want to buy a MAM Perfect soother 12+ you can do so from here, There is 4 different designs to choose from 2 for a girl and 2 for a boy, The one we was sent was the lilac butterfly and out of all the MAM soothers we have this has to be my favorite design yet.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Crosse & Blackwell Soups

On cold days I just love to have a bowl of soup for my lunch I find that soup really warms me up, So being asked to review some Crosse & Blackwell soups was really great, I was sent the chunky tomato and basil soup and a pea and ham soup, I'm not a huge fan of pea and ham soup but I have to say this one is so much better than ones I have tried in the past, It was full of flavour and had really nice sized chunks of ham in, I really feel this is a pea and ham soup I could eat more of.

I next tried the chunky tomato and basil soup, I know it says chunky but I really wasn't expecting really nice sized chunks of tomatos in it, Tomato soup normaly doesn't feel me up but I feel the chunks of tomatos really helped fill me up not only did it fill me up but I also found that it had a really nice rich taste.

You can buy these soups and many others by Crosse & Blackwell from all major supermarkets and prices start from £1.29

Branston Bean Meals

I was asked to try out some of the new Branston bean meals, Now I love my baked beans so was very excited to try these meals, The first one I tried was baked beans with spicy spanish chorizo, We only had it on toast but it was a perfect lunch it tasted great my only downside was that I had to share with my husband.

I next tried baked beans with large Lincolnshire sausages, Now I know it says large but I really wasn't expecting full sized sausages again we just had this on toast and it had two sausages inside plus plenty of beans, The sausages inside had a really nice flavour to them unlike some Lincolnshire ones I have tried in the past.

These new Branston Bean meals are available to buy from Sainsbury's stores in 390g cans and prices start from £1.09
Aswell as these two that I tried they also have one more baked beans with hot and spicey chilli, if they are anything like the others i'm sure they will taste great.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Hello Canvas

I was asked if I would like to review a photo canvas from Hello canvas, I was over the moon as I had been wanting to get the photo at the top of this post blown up and put on a canvas but I hadn't got round to it, So I was very quick to reply with my photo that I wanted putting on canvas.

I got the canvas just 4 days after I sent them my photo and that was including the weekend so it didn't take long at all, The size of the canvas £39 which I think is a great price, I was excited to see what my photo looked like blown up as I have had problems in the past with companies when getting photos printed off with them looking blurry, But this canvas just looks like the original photo only bigger.

After seeing how nice this photo has turned out I will be going back to buy two more one of each of my other children, Should you want to buy one you can do so from here they do all sorts of sizes and prices starting from just £13 well worth the money and I look forward to sorting out buying another two.