Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Crosse & Blackwell Soups

On cold days I just love to have a bowl of soup for my lunch I find that soup really warms me up, So being asked to review some Crosse & Blackwell soups was really great, I was sent the chunky tomato and basil soup and a pea and ham soup, I'm not a huge fan of pea and ham soup but I have to say this one is so much better than ones I have tried in the past, It was full of flavour and had really nice sized chunks of ham in, I really feel this is a pea and ham soup I could eat more of.

I next tried the chunky tomato and basil soup, I know it says chunky but I really wasn't expecting really nice sized chunks of tomatos in it, Tomato soup normaly doesn't feel me up but I feel the chunks of tomatos really helped fill me up not only did it fill me up but I also found that it had a really nice rich taste.

You can buy these soups and many others by Crosse & Blackwell from all major supermarkets and prices start from £1.29

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