Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas day

So the day I had been waiting for had finally come, I was so excited to see my kids faces on Christmas morning, Only I felt it was ruined some what due to some noisey neighbours when they arrived home gone 2am and slammed there car door only to wake my two oldest kids up, I tried so hard to get them back off to sleep but it just wasn't happening,
So me and my husband decided we would let the kids open there stockings and there present from santa, Hoping that they would go back to bed.

It worked until my son walked past the Christmas tree and saw cars wrapping paper so in the end we just let them open them all, They were over the moon with what they got, My son got lots of Disney cars things and other toys but sadly the other toys haven't been played with yet as all he wants is his cars toys, My oldest daughter got lots of Zoobles, Moshi monsters and many more bits, My littlest girl got mainly clothes as she already had a lot of toys, But the toys she did get she loves.
By 5:30am the kids got tired again so we managed to get them back into bed, So after very little sleep me and my husband finally managed to get back into bed and try too catch up on some lost sleep, Finally at 9:30am we woke to the sound of the kids playing with there new toys in there room.
So we got up and started to take a lot of the toys out of the boxes, Why do they have to tie them into the boxes with loads of ties and tape? My son got a Disney cars dressing up outfit and insisted on having it on, He also got a cars back pack which he refused to take off all day.
My oldest daughter decided she wasn't going to get dressed so she stayed in her pj's all day, While we put our youngest in a new dress we had got her for Christmas.
My 5 year old was dying to get her Lego out and play with it we had to insist that our youngest was in bed when she does, So when our youngest was in bed having her nap my 5 year old was very quick to get her Lego out to play with, So I sat with her for a while sticking the stickers onto the correct bricks so she could then play with it.
Sadly due to the present I brought my husband I have hardly seen him as he has had his face glued to his kindle reading a book, But its a small price to pay after what he brought me, A new net book just for me to use for my blogging and other things I do on the internet.

When it comes to Christmas dinner I always cheat and buy everything preprapared and a turkey crown to cook from frozen, I do it this way so I have more time to spend with my family because when I was kid I always remember my mum only being around when we opened the presents and then it was straight into the kitchen to sort the dinner out, So we hardly spent anytime with her.
After a long day we finally had all the kids fast asleep by 7:30pm, So I decided it was time for a bath them bed myself.
And when I was in bed trying to sleep all I could think of was where are we going to put all these new toys.
I hope you all had a great Christmas

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