Friday, 16 December 2011

Money saving with Poundland

Being a stay at home mum of 3, While my husband works but isn't on the best wage, all I can think of is ways to save money, I'm sure theirs a lot of people out there in a similar position to us, Where come the last week of the month we are always worried about if we will have enough food and petrol to see us through till the next pay day, When Bottle PR contacted me with comparison charts and asked if I would like to use it on my blog I jumped at the chance, I admit I do go to my local Poundland a lot but I never realised that I could buy a lot of things I would normally buy from my supermarket in there.
So I was sent a chart showing me just how much I could save by going to Poundland I was also sent a box full of the products that we used in the comparison chart, So I will be going through them one at a time for you all to see.

The first thing is a box of 6 luxury crackers, The crackers are a nice size, When I think of crackers being a pound all I could think of was really small ones that you would put on a Christmas tree, Each cracker contains a joke, hat and a novelty gift, Just what you need in a cracker, Now the price for a pack of 6 luxury crackers from Asda would cost you £3.75, from Sainsburys £4.99 and from Tesco's £5.00.

Next up is a 200g box of Jacobs biscuits for cheese, I always thought for food items to be so cheap that they must be near there sell by date but I was wrong, They have a normal shelf life just like ones you would get from a normal supermarket, I was also expecting them to be broken but again I was wrong not a single one was broken, If you was to buy this box from Asda it would cost you £1.85, From Sainsburys £1.85 and Tescos £1.85

A pack of 30 Christmas cards, I was expecting some really thin quality card but again proved wrong, The designs on the cards are really nice, I would definitely buy more cards from Poundland as my oldest daughter goes to school and we must have spent a small fortune of Christmas cards for her, To by a 30 pack of cards from Asda they would cost you £1.50, From Sainsburys £2.99 and from Tescos £2.00

A pack of 3 Nestle Walnut Whips, Again these had a long shelf life so no need to worry that they would go out of date soon after buying them, They wasn't broken and the box wasn't damaged in anyway, If you was to buy them from Asda you would pay £1.53, Sainsburys £1.53 and from Tescos £1.59

A box of 170g of After Eights, Once again long shelf life, The box isn't damaged and the After Eights were all intact, If you was to buy a box of After Eights from Asda you would pay £1.50 for 300g, From Sainsburys £2.25 for 300g and from Tescos £1.50 for 300g

8m roll of Christmas wrapping paper, I was expecting it to be thin and tear easy but I have used some to wrap up a few presents and not had a problem with it, Even looking at the pattern on it you wouldn't think it would have cost just £1, If you was to buy 8m from Asda you would pay £1.50, In Sainsburys £1.99 for just 4m and in Tescos 70p on offer for 5m

10m x 45cm Aluminium foil, This is just the same as any foil I would buy from any supermarket, Its no thinner than any other and the packaging is just the same as any other I would buy, If you was to buy this from Asda it would cost you £1.49, Sainsburys £1.82 and Tescos £1.46

A round charger plate, Its really nice quality and doesn't look cheap, a perfect little extra to have around the house over Christmas, To buy one from Asda it would cost you £1.50, Sainsburys £1.99 and Tescos £1.80

38 x 30 Turkey roaster, I used this the other night not for a turkey though, I was expecting the food to stick to it again proved wrong, It doesn't feel any thinner than ones I have brought in the past, To buy one from Asda it would cost you £1.50, Sainsburys £5.25 and Tescos £1.50

2FT Christmas tree, I have been looking round myself to get a small tree to sit on our breakfast bar, But couldn't find one I liked for a cheap price, I didn't want to pay lots for it as we already have a big tree so this would just be a extra decoration, The tree is a really nice size and easy to put the stand together and whats more its pink, My daughter really wanted a pink tree so it has the thumbs up from her right from the start, To get one from Asda it would cost you £3.75 for a 3FT tree, Sainsburys £6.99 and Tescos £5.00 for a 3FT tree.

Now if you total them all up you should see this:
Poundland £10
Asda £19.87
Sainsburys £31.65
Tescos £22.40

As you can see there is a big saving for going to Poundland and it has made me realise that I can buy much more than I already do at Poundland.

All products from Poundland were brought on 29/11/11 from Asda 29/11/11 from Sainsburys 28/11/11 and Tescos 28/11/11

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