Friday, 30 December 2011

Fun with Aqua beads

My 5 year old daughter was brought some Aqua beads for her birthday in May this year but quickly used them all up and was always asking for more, So come Christmas when everyone was asking me what she wanted one thing I told people was Aqua beads, Lucky for my daughter when opening her presents Christmas morning there was a box of Aqua beads from her Auntie and Uncle, she didn't get round to playing with them Christmas day but Boxing day she did and since then it has been every evening.

There a little fiddly to use so I always sit with her in case she wants my help, What you have to do with them is you get a board that you place the beads you want onto it following the picture thats placed under the board, When thats done you spray it with water and wait for it to dry, when its dried you simply peal it off the board and its done, Some of them require other bits being stuck onto them to make them 3D.
My daughter loves them that much that she has asked for even more for her next birthday, Which I will quite happily buy for her as it keeps her quiet for hours at a time.

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