Saturday, 10 December 2011


I admit I have a fair few addictions now and its costing my husband a small fortune, My first addiction is for cloth nappies I started off with about 20 with my son and then as soon as I found out I was having a girl my collection just grew, I now have to many to count and it has got to the stage where I'm letting my son use them on his teddy bears.

As you can see the box I keep them in is over flowing and then the pile is ones that I'm waiting to put together I also have a few in the nappy bucket and of course one on my daughter, My husband has told me no more nappies, But some how I have managed to add more and more to them by either buying them with out him knowing and then telling him once I have brought them or from winning them, Most of my nappies are from Baba + Boo but I also have some from other companies too, One of my more recent ones to arrive came from FuzziBunz Europe and its one of my favorite ones now.
I have to admit when I first got it I was a little unsure of it as it was much different to my normal ones, even though it is a birth to potty like my others, But with this one you have elastic to adjust instead of poppers to adjust.

On to my next addiction Baby leg warmers, This addiction started because I didn't want to cover up my lovely nappies with tights, So every time my daughter is wearing a dress she will always have her leg warmers on,
Again this is only a few of them as there is some in the wash and she also has a pair on today, She almost has a pair to match every dress she owns I still think she needs more though and I'm sure I can get my husband to let me buy more as he loves to show off her nappies just as much as I do.

This next addiction has only really started but I'm sure its going to get worse, Baby headbands,
I started off with just one now she has five and 6 she will be getting for Christmas and there is also one in the post,
I only really started getting headbands because I was getting a little fed up with people saying whats HIS name, even though she has a pink pushchair and dresses on, But since she has had her headbands on not one person has said whats HIS name, I'm sure this collection will soon grow as I have seen lots of really nice ones out there.

And onto my final addiction baby bandanna bibs, Again this started off with just three and I have been adding and adding to this over the months, The photo only shows a few of them as theirs lots in the wash and she has one on. (Very dribbely baby)
I have also got a gift pack of 3 dribble bibs that will be going in her stocking for Chritmas, These are another thing I just cant stop buying.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when shes to old for all these things, Hmmm maybe another baby.

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