Sunday, 18 December 2011

MAM Bite and Relax Phase 2 Teether

I was lucky to get the chance to test out and review the new MAM bite and relax phase 2 teether, When it arrived it was unlike any teether I have ever seen, The two green parts are for chewing and the white part is for holding and to stop baby putting it to far into there mouth, The teether comes in a special box that is also used as a steriliser,
So the first thing I did before giving it to Jovie to have a chew on was sterilise it,
Its very simple to sterilise all you need to do is fill the box up to the line (25ml) pop the teether in, close the box and then pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes, When its done you need to let it cool before giving it to your baby.
So once it was sterilised and ready to go I gave it to Jovie and right away it was a big hit, Its light weight so she could hold it with ease and the shape of it ment she could hold onto it very easy, She has spent a good few hours at a time chewing on it and even got upset when we had to take it off her so we could feed her.
The bite and relax phase 2 is designed for the back teeth so baby can easily reach the back gums with out any problems, The teether itself also has various different textures.
Like all MAM products its BPA free
This teether is a must have for teething babies and as soon as its released in shops I will definately be buying a couple of spare ones.

At this moment in time it's not avalible to buy in shops or online but if you join there facebook page here You will be kepted up to date with when its avalible.

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