Wednesday, 14 December 2011

John Crane Ltd, Lilliputiens

John Crane were looking for people to review there Lilliputiens toy, So I got in touch and was very lucky to get the chance to test it out with my son, It arrived very quick and well packaged, As soon as I got it out of the packaging my son was all over it, My Husband was also very impressed with it and quickly found a place to display it.
Since its arrival My son has not left it alone and gets all moody with us when we don't go with him to play with it.
This toy is made from fabric that has a stiff layer inside to keep it fairly ridged, Its attached to a wooden pole with rope on for easy hanging, It has the numbers 1-31 stitched onto it for dates where you have a frog with a square cut out of its belly so you can velcro it over the date you need, There is also places to stick the days of the week, You mood, The weather, The season and birthday cake for when your birthday is, Down the side has the months stitched on, With places to stick your season and birthday cake,
There is also two little pocket type ones to stick on where you can put what activities you have done for the day.
I have found this very good for helping my son to learn and would recommend it to anyone with a child around his age or higher, You can find out more about John Crane Ltd on there facebook page Here Also you can visit there blog here

John crane Ltd currently have an advent running through December, Where each day there will be a new deal, Things like Money off, buy one get one free deals and even random giveaways so make sure you join there facebook page to keep up to date with there newest offers they have on.

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