Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Clinica tissue oil and Vitamin E cream

As most of my friends know, I got really bad stretch marks when I was pregnant with my first and they got worse each pregnancy I had, So being given the chance to try out the Vitamin E cream made my day, I have used so many different stretch mark creams but none have ever worked,
I have been using the vitamin e cream for 5 days now and I have to say im very surprised, My stretch marks are not as red as they have been and some of the smaller ones are very hard to see now.
Vitamin E cream isn't only for stretch marks its also good for:
Dry skin
Sun damaged skin
Ageing skin
I also tried this skin on my husband as her had really dry skin on his knees and after one use you couldn't feel any dry skin on them.
Vitamin E cream is not only for repairing damaged skin and enhancing elasticity, But also as a potent natural anti-oxidant.
You can buy a 100g tube of vitamin e cream for just £3.00
And you can get that from here Vitamin E cream

Clinica Tissue Oil

I tested this oil on my arms and hands as I have eczema and was told by my doctors to put moisturizer on it, so when I saw that this was good for dry skin I thought id try it there and since using it my arms are not as red and itchy as they had been and they feel softer to touch, Tissue oil has many other uses too, It can also be used for:
Helping to prevent stretch marks
Skin containing scar tissue
Before and after pregnancy massage oil
After sun nourisher
Dry skin conditions
Moisturizing bath oil
Its safe to use on all ages and is non greasy and non staining
You can buy Clinica tissue oil for £10.80 a really good price too as I've been using it for 5 days and it doesnt look like i've used any.
You can buy it from there web site here Clinica tissue oil

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