Friday, 8 July 2011

WOW Toys: Ernie Fire Engine

I was sent this for my son to test out and me to review, So when it arrived it was very well packaged, When I got it open my son who's not a big talker and cant read said Wow, It was a big hit with him from the moment he saw it in the box, With the fire engine you get one figure called jack and one safety barrier, The fire engine is friction powered and makes an engine sound when it goes along, The best bit about it is, It doesn't need batteries.
There is a blue cog on top of the engine where you can put the man and use him to turn the ladder and you move the ladder up and down there is also a clicking noise,
The front cab opens so you can place Sam the firefighter in to drive the engine and the back also opens so you can put the safety barrier in, To open the back of the engine there is a little button perfect for little fingers or the figure that comes with it.

What I really like about this toy is how chunky it is so theirs no risk of breaking it although I am a little worried about the front cab coming off but so far we have had no problems with it.
This toy has special child developmental benefits to it and they are:
From 1½ years – Sensory stimulation and motor skill development
From 2 years – Discovery & learning
From 2½ years – Social interaction
From 3 years – Role-play & exploration

You can view Wow toys whole range of toys on there site here WOW TOYS
And they also have links on where you can buy there toys from.
They have a facebook page that has the latest updates and that can be found here WOWS facebook page

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