Friday, 22 July 2011

Buggy Tug

I was sent a buggy Tug to test out, I couldn't wait to give it a try, At the moment i'm trying to get my son to walk more so I dont have to use the double buggy anymore and when he's on his reins I'm always having to let go of the buggy as he wants to change sides, So having the Buggy Tug on the buggy made me feel at ease knowing my pushchair wasn't just going to go rolling away from me.

The Buggy Tug is very easy to fit and it is nice and stretchy so its easy to get over your hand, Its also very soft on your wrist so it wont irritate it when you use it.

You can buy a Buggy Tug for £3.99 from there website which can be found here Buggy Tug They also have a list on there site that tells you where else you can buy it from, To me £3.99 is a great price just to have a safe baby.

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