Friday, 29 July 2011

Yoomi the self-warming baby bottle

I was sent the Yoomi self-warming bottle to test out and when I first herd about it I was wondering how it could be self warming, So when it arrived I couldnt wait to test it out, The bottle come in a really sturdy tube box so there was no chance of it getting damaged in the post, There was a lot of information that needed to be read before you start to use the bottle, But once that was read I soon got the bottle and the warmer ready to use.
Theirs 5 main parts to this bottle, The cap, antic colic teat, collar, bottle and the warmer.
To make it so the warmer heats up the milk you need to boil it for 25 minutes and then you need to let it cool for 75 minutes before you can use it.
Once it had cooled down I made up some milk for my daughter and tested out the warmer it was very easy to use all you have to do is press the orange button and a few seconds later it will be active to make sure it is active if you give it a shake it wont rattle, you then need to wait 30 seconds, When the button starts to fade you have to turn the bottle upside down for another 30 seconds and then its ready to go.
I tested the milk on my wrist and it really does work, these bottles are great if your going out shopping with your little one and need to warm there milk.
The warmer is only good for 3 months or up to 100 uses and they even give you a little chart so you can keep track of how many times its used or how old if you don't use it that often.
You can buy these bottle from their website here Yoomi webiste
Also go visit there Facebook page to be kept up to date with all their latest information. Yoomi Facebook page

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