Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Poor Girl

My poor girl woke this morning with a couple of spots on her arms, They looked just like her ones shes had before that turned out to be insect bites, But when she got out of school today she was covered in them, So it was a trip to the doctors for her, The doctor thinks shes had an alergic reaction to something so we now have to give her medicine and keep a log of all the things she does and eats.

Now she only has 2 days left at school and the doctor told me I have to keep her off to keep an eye on her incase they get worse or incase she starts to have breathing problems.
Shes so upset about not being able to go to school, But i've told her we will do some fun things to keep her busy.
Fingers crossed the spots go soon, and we find out what caused them.

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  1. ~Hope she gets better soon so she can enjoy her summer hols!