Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fudgy bear and Fudgy goes to the farm Book

Fudgy came to life in the summer of 2010 when Sarah decided to write a book for her little boy Nicholas. The book she created was about Nicholas' teddy bear and his trip to the farm. Nicholas loved the book so much, Sarah decided to take the idea one stage further and create a series of fun stories revolving around the teddy bear's adventures. But for this, she needed a bear and so she set about designing and creating a new Teddy bear who could feature in the books. And so Fudgy came about! He's the best of all of Nicholas' bears, a truly loveable bear, created using only the very finest, plush materials and with an intricate attention to detail - from the hand stitching of his paws to the printing on his bow tie.

When I got Fudgy bear I loved how soft he felt and the size of him he's not to big and he's not to small, I have hardly got a look in with Fudgy as my two year old son took a sudden liking to him and he hasn't left his side.
Fudgy has been modelled on a classic teddy bear however his soft, shaggy fur gives him a modern feel. He is 32 cm tall and is the softest, cuddliest teddy bear to snuggle up to!

Fudgy is instantly recognisable given that his name is embroidered onto the pad of his right foot. He also has a lovely golden bow tie, with his name printed on it. He is a beautiful golden brown, has studded black eyes, a big black hand stitched nose and mouth, the softest paw pads and hand stitched claws.

With Fudgy being a big hit with my son, I thought it was only fair to let my 5 year old girl have the book, She told me how she liked all the pictures in the book and that the story was fun to listen to.
As you can see from the picture the pages of the book are glossy and theirs plenty of pictures to keep your kids attention, My daughter liked pointing out her favorite animals on the pages and she really liked the quiz at the back of the book, I thought the quiz was a great touch as I did it with my daughter and could tell she was really paying attention to the story when I was reading it with her.

You can buy Fudgy bear and all the books from there website here Fudgy bear website They also have there own facebook page and that can be found here Fudgy bear Facebook page

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  1. Brilliant review! My LO has a Fudgy Bear too and she loves him! She was never one to take a teddy to bed ... until he arrived! Now she won't go to bed without him!