Friday, 1 July 2011

The Coolfan

The coolfan was designed by a dad who got fed up of blowing his daughters food to cool it down, We have all been there, we even took to sitting the plate in snow once just to cool it down as my daughter wont eat her food unless its practically cold, My son on the other hand has to have his strait from the cooker.

Being given the chance to review one of these was very exciting not just for me but my girl too she couldnt wait to try it out, Theirs four different ones to choose from you can have, Milo, Dixie, Axil and Izzy, I chose Izzy.
I got my kids dinner out of the cooker and brought it over to the table It took about a minute to get to the right temperature my daughter likes her food, but at least she was able to eat with us, we had her plat sit under it and she just sat watching it and then said her brother could try it out, My daughters plat fitted perfect in the stand but my sons didnt as his plate is the shape of a flag but it did rest on the stand with out it tipping over, I tried some of the other plates in the house and they all fitted on the the stand fine.

The coolfan has soft fan blades so safe for kids like my son who cant resist touching things he shoudnt, The fan can be detached from the frame for easy cleaning and its wipe clean only

If you want to buy one you can for the small price of £9.99 plus p&p you can get them from there online store here coolfans online store
They can also be found on Facebook here Coolfans facebook page

This really is a must have when you have kids and £9.99 is a small price to pay for happy kids.

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