Friday, 22 July 2011

My son now has his glasses

My son with his glasses

Finally after waiting over 3 weeks my sons glasses have finally come, His eyes are very bad he is -18 in his right eye and -16 in his left, So his glasses took longer than expected due to the lovely opticians getting the lenses thinned out, the total price for his glasses were £400 and we only had to pay £20, Apperantly we went over the voucher limit but I think thats because the opticians felt sorry for him.

His older sister also wears glasses and her eyes are nearly as bad as his, hers are -18 in the right and -11 in the left, They both also suffer from having loose lenses and they think it could be genetic so we now have an appointment to get our little baby girls eyes checked out fingers crossed hers will be fine I feel so bad seeing my kids in glasses.
My daughter with her glasses

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