Friday, 1 July 2011

Carrie's crafts Washable baby wipes

I've never used washable wipes before so being given the chance to try them was great, I was sent 3 wipes to try they had nice pattern fabric on the front and the back is white terry toweling,

When I used them I sprayed a little water on and they cleaned very well and was nice and soft on my babys bottom,

There a nice small size and fit in your hands easy, I washed them in with my Nappies and hung them out to dry and they are still nice and soft, After using these it has made me think about getting more as theirs no chemicals involved in them and there kind to my babys bottom.
Carries Crafts dont just do washable wipes she does other things like dribble bibs to see her full range of products you can visit her online store here Carries Crafts store
Carrie also has her own facebook page and that can be found here Carries Crafts Facebook page

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