Monday, 30 April 2012

Sudocrem, Sunscreen Mousse

Unfortunately due to the great British weather, I haven't been able to test this out fully.
I really have problems finding sunscreen that I can use on my sons sensitive skin, So I tried a little on him to see if it would react, I'm pleased to say there was no reaction to his skin, I also noticed it didn't leave a sticky or slippy like some I have tried in the past, Infact if I'm honest it left his skin feeling really soft.
Another thing I like about this mousse is that unlike other sunscreens where you have to re apply every 30-60mins this one says re apply 2-3 times a day depending on the strength of the sun and of course if you have been swimming.

If you would like to buy this it retails for around £15.00 and is available in Boots.
I have to say this is so far the best kids sun protection I have ever used as its easy to apply and free from perfumes and colours and it can be used on babies.

And the winner of the Dirt Devil Tempest DCC070 is

Thank you everyone that entered sorry there could only be one winner, So here goes the winner of the dirt devil tempest is.........................................

Congratulations please can you email your address to so I can forward it on to Dirt Devil so they can send your prize out.

Once again thank you everyone that entered.

Good Bye Netbook

Friday was a sad day for me as the weekend before I had dropped my netbook and it stopped working, So Jimmy said we will take it to get looked at on payday (Friday)so he could pay to get it fixed.

We went into Curry's they kindly took a look at it and couldn't work out the problem instore so they surgested sending it off to be taken apart and properly looked at, But this is where the bad new came they said just by looking at it, The cost of fixing it could go well over £100 plus there was a £50 charge just to send it off, Now My net book only cost £150 brand new and annoyingly it should have still been under warrenty as I only got it for Christmas but to sign up for the warrenty I needed to fill out a form which my son kindly disposed of not long after Christmas.

So While we was in Curry's the man that took a look at it said if it only cost £150 to buy it would be pointless spending more to get it fixed, Both me and my husband agreed it would be best to buy a new one.

What shocked me was the man in Curry's didn't even surgest buying one from them he said we should take a look in CEX to see if we can get a new one for cheaper than what they were selling ones for, So off we went to CEX they only had a few instore and what shocked me was I could buy a brand new one for £40 more, So me and my husband both decided to go back to Curry's and just get a new one and make sure we sort out the warenty right away.

As we went back into Curry's the same man that helped us before saw us and asked how we got on in CEX when we told him about the price of there cheapest one he showed us there cheapest one and it was only £10 than the second hand one, Jimmy said I could choose any one I wanted, So I was a little cheeky and saw a really nice Samsung one that I fell in love with it was £230, Lucky for me Jimmy said yes so the man sorted it out for us and offered us an extra warrenty that would cover it being dropped for just £5 a month and we excepted it as I didn't want to have to pay for another should something happen to this one.

So I'm now the proud owner of a very nice Samsung netbook, The outside of it is black but the inside is white with a really nice red stripe around the edge. I have to say I like this one better but I'm still sad to say good bye to my old purple one.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Gumigem Skimers necklace and Bubba Bangles

The lovely people over at Gumigem sent me there not one but two of there newest products they have on offer, I was sent a Bubba Bangle in Thistle and a Skimers necklace in Grapevine, I was very excited when these arrived as I'm already a big fan of Gumigems other designs they have, So I was quick to open them up and give them a try.

My first thought was that the Skimers necklace felt quite heavy and I was a little worried it might be to heavy to wear around my neck all day, But I put it on and was surprised that it wasn't heavy around my neck at all, My next test was how my 1 year old girl would get on with it, As shes teething at the moment I didn't think it would be a big problem with her as she is pretty willing to chomp on anything she can, But I sat on the sofa with her and gave the the necklace and she was very happy sitting there for a good hour just chewing on it. What I think is really great with this necklace is there is more than one bit to chew as with my other ones I own I would often find my daughter just chewing on the cord. I have to say this necklace has been a big hit with her and I'm sure it will be getting plenty of use over the next few months and even when she no longer needs it I will still be wearing it as they look great.

Next up for my daughter and me to test was the Bubba Bangle I'm not a huge fan of bangles as I often find them to hard and that they get in the way when I'm busy doing things like typing, But with the Bubba Bangle that wasn't a problem as it is lovely and flexable so it gets a big thumbs up from me, I gave it to my daughter shortly after I tried it out and she really liked this one, I'm not sure if it was because she has a bit more freedom with it or the fact she found it very easy to hold, Now when ever I wear it she tries to pull it off so she can have it, So that must be a good sign.

All Gumigems are made from baby safe silicone the same stuff normal baby teethers are made from and all necklaces come with a breakaway clasp so should your baby pull to hard instead of it hurting you it will come open.
If you would like to find out more about what products Gumigem have instore please visit there website Here and Also visit there facebook page where you will be the first to hear of any new products due to be release you can find that Here

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Birthday baby girl

So yesterday (21/04/12) was my baby girls first birthday, It has come round so quick.
Going back to 21/04/11 the day she was born it was a mental day really as that morning me and my husband had been out shopping and then came home so he could go to work, He was on late shifts at the time working 12pm-8pm So while he was at work I cracked on as normal, My son who had only just turned 2 was having his nap and I beleave my oldest daughter was at my parents as it was easter holidays, My son woke from his nap about 12:30-1pm and was having trouble breathing and kept screaming and wanting cuddles so I rang my husband and he said take him to the doctors as soon as it opens (2:30pm here)So I sat down and gave my son all the cuddles I could until the doctors opened, At the time I was having a few pains and didn't really think about them as I was to worried about my son, It got to 2:15 and I got my son in the pushchair and went off to the doctors so I could get in as soon as possible.

2:30 and I walked in the doctors and asked if they could fit me in the receptionist took one look at my son and quickly found a doctor to see him, She put him strait on a nebulizer and prescribed him and inhaler and steriods and booked him in for 6pm so she could see if they was working or if he needed to go to hospital, While he was on the nebulizer The doctor asked how far gone I was and 37 +1 and she replied oh so you really don't need the worry then, Little did she know my pains were getting stronger and more regular, Of course I didn't tell her I was having pains.

We finaly got out of the doctors and I rang my husband to tell him what happened and also to tell him I was having contractions, Of course he started to worry as Jovie was breech so I was booked in for a c-section so he said he was coming home, By 4:30pm he was home and my contractions were getting worse so he rang the hospital and they said to come strait in, So we had to ring my sister to come here and look after Lucas we also had to ring the doctors to make sure it was ok for her to take Lucas back for his check up, Which made us panic even more as we wasn't sure if he would have to go to the hospital.

By 6pm we was in the car and my husband must have broke about 10 speed limits just to get me to hospital as they was getting worse and I could feel the pressure of my waters, At the hospital he pulled up outside and by this time I couldn't walk so he got a midwife to wheel me in while he parked the car, I got in the room and they checked me I was 7 cms, So they gave me gas and air while they read my notes, Silly me forgot to say she was breech and all I herd was the midwife shout shes breech and then the bell went and I must have had half the staff in my room at this point Jimmy came in and thought he had the wrong room as he couldn't see me as they was preping me for an emergency c-section, Finally got in the theatre and they scanned me to make sure she wasn't to far down that they wouldn't be able to get her and then I would have had to have a natural labour with some help, But luckly she was just hanging there as they told me.
So Jimmy came in and sat next to me and at 7pm on the dot Jovie was out cord wrapped round her neck 4 times and not breathing, finally she was brought over to us and the doctor said it took us under 3 mins to revive her, But here she was looking as small as could be only weighing 5lb 3oz.

A year on and she is still a tiny little girl as shes still in 6-9 month cloths but she may be tiny but she can do a lot, she took her first steps at 8 months and finally started walking all the time at 10 months, She can climb onto our sofa and just get into mischeif but well worth all the trouble I had on the day she was born.

So as it was her birthday she got lots of presents, Toys and clothes and I even plucked up the corage to make her birthday cake and I have to say im very proud of it. Jovie had a very nice day even if she didn't really know what was going on.

real nappy week

As a lot of people know I'm a huge cloth nappy fan, So when real nappy week arrived I couldn't wait to grab some bargans, I admit I still spent nearly £100 but I did get 16 new nappies and some nappy cream suitable for cloth nappies, My main reason for the 16 nappies was because I wanted to branch out and try different types of nappies, I got 10 Little lamb bamboo nappies which I was advised were great for night time and I admit the advice was spot on my little girl did 13 hours last night in the one nappy with no leaks.

I also brought 3 of my favorite brand nappy Baba and Boo I couldn't help it they had just launched some new design ones and if you look at my collection of nappies you will see that I have almost one of every design they have.

I also went over to Tiny Nippers to try out there newest ones they have launched I only brought 2 from them though even though they had there normal nappies at just £3.50.

And last but not least I brought an Itti Bitti Tutto I have wanted to try one for a while and I love it.
If you are a real nappy user and have yet to buy some nappies with all the great discounts around today is your last day as most discounts end tonight.

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mars needs Moms

I had never herd of this film before and it surprised me when it finished that it was a Disney film, I only found out about this film as there was nothing good on for the kids to watch and I saw this on sky, So thought I would put it and I was so surprised when I watched it and fell in love with it, I have since gone out and brought a copy of it and now its the only DVD in my dvd player in my bedroom.

Now this isn't because I love it so much its actually because my 11 month old daughter loves it so much, If she wakes and its not playing she screams her head off, But I have woken up a few times in the night to see her sitting or standing in her cot watching it and not a single noise coming from her.

This is great for me as it means I get a great night sleep if she decides she wants to wake up, All I can say is if you haven't seen it before please watch it, Its one of the best films I have seen in ages.

Me and my husband are regualy mentioning quotes from it, The main ones are My mom my mom she washes my clothes, And another favorite one is Unauthorised dog pile, If you watch the film you will understand what they are about.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter everyone

I hope you all have had a good Easter bank holiday, Sadly mine hasn't been the best Friday morning I got a phone call from my sister telling me my Nan had passed away, I used to be really close to my Nan when I was younger but as I got older I never went to see her as often, I feel happy knowing she got to see her Grandkids grow up and have kids of there own, So as you can imagine Friday I didn't really do much.

On Saturday I thought it would be nice if we all went to my parents for breakfast, Normaly its just our oldest that goes, But I felt my Mum would need all her family around her and Lucky for Tianan she got to stay the night as my dad was going away for the night, While Tianan was at my parents all day we had the chance to sort the kids room out and a big thanks to our neighbour that very kindly gave us a new wardrobe, chest or draws and bed side cabinet for the kids room and a really nice sideboard for us, The kids room now looks much bigger as we managed to get rid of a wardrobe a chest of draws x2 and a tall boy all of which was in our kids bedroom, After a busy Saturday I sat down in the evening and relaxed and made up some paper eggs for the kids to find on sunday.

On Sunday when Lucas woke up he very quickly found his first egg so I explained to him he had to find another 4 before he could get his chocolate egg after a little help he finally managed to find them all and got one big chocolate egg for it which was eatern by him in seconds, My little pig.
Tianan came home from my parents around 11am and I explained to her she had to find her 5 paper eggs, She found them just as quick as Lucas did but didn't eat her egg as quick, for some reason she has it in her head that shes not allowed to eat chocolate so she wont touch it when offered to her, Which is a bit of a problem when both her and Lucas each got 7 big eggs, As you can imagine Lucas now only has a few left but Tianan has loads, I can see this becoming a problem when Lucas has eatern his last one.

Oh well that will be a problem we will have to deal with later on.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Competition to win a Dirt Devil Tempest DCC070

I recently reviewed the Dirt Devil Tempest You can find my review here Well the lovely people at Dirt Devil have very kindly offered the chance for one of my readers to win there very own one. For your chance to win one all you need to do is Follow my blog, Like Dirt Devils facebook page here and Follow Dirt Devil on twitter here Once you have done all 3 things leave a comment so I can count you in. The competition will end on 30th April 2012 at 8pm Good luck

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Lucas

3 years ago today at 9:26am Lucas was born weighing 7lb 13oz and two days early, So today we have been celebrating his birthday, my husband took the day off work as he really wanted to see how Lucas would reacted to his presents. So this morning I woke up to see Lucas standing in our hallway trying to get the balloons off the wall, I told him to go in and wake daddy up so he wouldn't go in the living room where all his presents were.
So after opening all his presents he soon wanted them all out of the boxes, So while me and Jimmy were busy opening them he was playing with whatever we had already opened, The poor thing really didn't know what to play with first, Due to some people forgetting his birthday we decided we would take a trip to toys r us and get him another present of his choice, Mainly because I felt sorry for the fact he had been forgotton.
Once he had chosen his new toy we went off to Tescos to get some food for a picnic in the forest, The weather wasn't the best but we sure had fun walking round the forest and searching for a nice spot to sit and eat our lunch, When we got back to the car it started to rain so I think we timed it right, When we got home Lucas wanted to play with his new toys again still not knowing which to play with first.
When it was dinner time we had decided we was going to treat him to a Dominos pizza so we was back in the car to go and pick it up, After dinner we got the cake out and Lucas was very quick to blow the candle out and within seconds he had taken a bite out of the cake, Luckly I had managed to take a photo before he did that, He has gone to bed very tired but he still wants to play with his new toys so im not sure how the night will go with him, But overall I think its safe to say he has had a very happy birthday.